Grant Empowerment

This is Jazz for Peace Grant. It is the Fundraising and Publicity Opportunity for USA, Canada, and International Nonprofits for Cultural Event Hosting where the Agency type is Foundation or corporation.

A Jazz concert will be hosted by the mention countries namely; USA, Canada and international nonprofit organizations in aid of Fundraising. For the grants applicants they will be required to contact the funding source which is Jazz for Peace organization for arrangements and further information.

Some of the funds will be raised through sales of concert tickets where the participating parties will benefit by having an opportunity to form new partnerships, have more sponsors as well having privilege to advertise and create awareness concerning their services or products.

The main task for this grant is to create a sustainable environment for the nonprofit organizations to grow by empowering them. Whether small or big, the organization has so far empowered several companies like UNICEF and Red Cross, TEAM 4 and Habitat for Humanity.


The organization that is eligible to this grant should be humanitarian in nature where their services is meant to benefit the society and the environment.


For the short term benefits, the grant will empower the qualified applicant by helping in identifying and realizing its dreams through expansion of co- partners that may include board members, family, friends, sponsors and prestigious associates.

For Long term benefits, the grant is meant to help the recipient by extending to years beyond the actual date of event where they are carried out by Jazz for Peace’s commitment whereby they share knowledge from 850 previous grant experience as well as the active contacts, supporters, and active partnership.

NB. Jazz pianist and Vocalist Rick DellaRtta are the ones that performed the Benefits Concert.

Size of grant estimation

The concert raised up to $250,000

Criteria of eligibility

The grant is offered to nonprofit organizations and the outstanding causes worldwide.


For one to qualify for this grant, you just need to watch the grant funding video provided below and contact Jazz for Peace by email, phone, or Skype to help you in completing a 2 page grant application form and obtain fund approval.


Before you take any action of application process, try to make a review to the funding source’s website provided below

Jazzfor Peace

400 W 43rd Street

New York

Grant Administration: 646-709-2550

Main: 212-947-1104