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The Ultimate List of Black-Owned Business Grant Opportunities

Black-owned businesses are beginning to get back on their feet after a devastating business hit that the pandemic dealt with black-owned businesses in 2020, which resulted in almost half of Black-owned businesses being wiped out. However, out of that despair and uncertainty comes a brighter ray of sunshine at the end of the dark financial tunnel of Black-owned businesses.

It is therefore only natural that the different avenues for financial opportunities, for funding and backups, are explored. Indeed, grants for Black-owned businesses are made available every now and then, so that African Americans and other minorities alike can access these funding to help them grow their business to heights that they hope for.

Black and minority business grants for women are accessible if you know where to look. Generally, African American grants and other minority entrepreneurs have some options when it comes to finding grants to help start a business or even grow their already existing ones. Our job here at is to help you connect with the available grants to help you grow your business.

We understand that finding business resources for Black entrepreneurs is very important in terms of creating financial opportunities that you hope for. You may wonder where do these grants come from? Grants are financial programs that are generally offered by major companies, government, non-profit organizations, and even non-government agencies for the purposes of supporting these business owners, their communities, and their businesses.

Grants for Black Business Owners

African American Grants (AAG)

If you have a business idea that you would like to bring to life and have no idea where to find grants? The African American Grants’ web portal is one place to find business, nonprofit, religious, college, community and about any other grant opportunities, you may be looking for Institute of Small Business Grants produces – This website is packed with resources that are tailored to meet the Black community business needs.

African American Grants also offers a diverse range of business services ranging from mentorships to website development, coaching, business registration, and much more. The AAG platform is a very valuable website that provided current information, tips, and resources that are geared toward empowering small business owners to stay on the alerts to monitor their grant process, application, submission, and award.

The AAG’s mission is to provide a safe and progressive community where members are able to access a free Black-owned business listing, a community forum for grant opportunities, where they can talk about anything and everything grant related.

The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)

The National Black MBA Association has started a program that is directed at helping Black and minority business owners grow as intended. The NBMBAA requires that you provide relevant information on your business which includes. a business registration, a business plan, and other relevant information on your business or startup.

The program involves investors and venture capitalists that are likely to invest in your ideas and businesses. This grant award is an NBMBAA, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) professional member-based organization that is focused on creating economic and educational opportunities for Black-owned businesses and other minorities.