Grants for single mothers in 2023 can definitely come handy for single moms who are looking for ways to fund their dreams of starting their own businesses in 2023. The opportunity of being able to access grants for single mothers is something that a lot of single moms out there would love to take advantage of. Indeed there are grants out there for single mothers, but finding them can be quite challenging for many.

Single mothers go through daily challenges trying to take care of their young ones, and this can definitely take a toll financially, mentally, psychically and in several other ways. There are also other financial commitments from, no surprise single mothers are interested in hardship grants for single mothers to housing grants for single mothers to college grants for single mother and the rest of them. Here’s a great resource for grants for women entrepreneurs working on their startups.

List of Grants that Support Single Mothers Starting their Own Businesses in 2023

How to Get Free Grants for Single Mothers

First things first, getting grants for single mothers can be quite challenging in many ways, especially for those who may not know where to look for these grants. We have outlined ways that single mothers can apply for grants that they are eligible for by following our list of steps that can almost guaranteed that you would get the grants you desire.

We have a number of grants that you can take a look at if you are a woman who is looking to start her own business and need funds to get your dream business started. Here’s a list of 31 grants for women, and some more grants for those who wish to grow their businesses in 2023. To get grants for single mothers, here’s the steps you need to follow below:

1. Meet the Grant Eligibility Criteria

Grant-issuing agencies routinely release grant eligibility criteria for the grants that they are offering to the public, and single mothers are not exempted. Grant eligibility criteria basically outlined the factors that you have to check to be able to qualify or be eligible for the said grants. For instance, the grant-issuing agencies may require that the single mother apply for grants for single mothers be single mothers and not just anyone who do not qualify as one. If you’re not sure how to start, we have a free grant assessment that you qualify for. Click here to assess it for free.

Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that you meet the list of criteria before you decide on applying. The process is one that require that you go through all of the other requirements that the grants you are interested in call for. While meeting the eligibility criteria, you also want to ensure that you provide adequate information that reflects your current situation to the grant issuing agency. This can go a long way to help place you in a great position to have your desired grant awarded to you.

List of Grants that Support Single Mothers Starting their Own Businesses in 2023

2. Apply as Early as Possible

This is another area that a lot of people do not pay attention to — timely application. When you have gone through the application requirements, criteria and grant details, and you have found to qualify to apply, then apply! Do not waste time procrastinating, as this can do a lot in terms of hampering your chances of getting awarded the grants you applied for. When grants are released to the public, it’s important that you know a lot of people apply for these grants right away. As such, it could become quite overwhelming, hence the call for early application.

Furthermore, ensure that you have the other requirements that the agency may want you to have that are in line with what you hope to do with the grant funding if you happen to get awarded. This is very important, as it creates a sense of trust and willingness for thee grant agencies to consider your grant proposal amongst the thousand others they may receive for the same grants.

3. Ensure You Have the Right Documentation

There are documentation that you may have to present if you are willing to look beyond just applying without the necessary follow up. Here are some grant documentation you should be aware of. If you are applying as a single applicant, or as a joint applicant with a business partner, the same expectations apply in both cases. You also have to remember to have a business plan handy, because you just might be required to present one. In other cases, grant-issuing agencies may ask for a DUNS number, this is a number you can easily apply for, so have that on your list of things to do.

Here are Grants for Single Mothers in 2023

We have chosen a comprehensive list of the best grants that single mothers qualify for, and we have been able to list them for you below. We hope that you find a grant that works for you, and that you apply as soon as possible so you are among the very first people you apply for these grants. The list are from different grant-issuing agencies that are committed to contributing financially and otherwise to single mothers in the hopes of helping them establish a business or grow one if they already have a business of their own.

1. Single Mom Stimulus Grant

This grant is specifically created for single mothers. This grant was founded to help provide financial support for single mothers who are already going through challenges due to pandemic, and those who are looking to establish something for themselves in form of a business of one kind or the other. The program offers financial support to help support single mothers in the best way they can. There is also mentor ship programs that single mothers can access to help them get support in establishing their own businesses.

2. Live Your Dream Awards

The Live Your Dream Awards support women with grants to enable them live their dream. The Live Your Dream Award helps to create access to opportunities for women who are facing financial challenges, and need support to help make their dreams of starting their own businesses come true. The program also offers mentor ship program to support women and give them access to tools and resources that would enable them create the live that they dream for themselves.

3. P.E.O. Projects and Philanthropies Grant

The PEO grant enables women to be able to live their potential to the fullest. The program was established to support women who are going through challenges in different areas of life, and need support to help champion their goal in life. The PEO foundation offers several times of funding for women that can be applied for at varying points in the year. The program also has educational support for women going back to college, and need help financially to make that dream of theirs come true.


Grants for single mothers are available, but are accessible only to those who know how to navigate through the challenges to find them. We understand that these times are quite unprecedented, and for many, finding grants can be quite challenging. believes in empowering women and helping to create a more progressive and promising future for women and single mothers globally.

We believe in empowering women, and helping build a prosperous community. If you have a business idea, have a business already or looking to start one, and need some help with accessing grants to help move your business forward, we can help! Click here to speak with one of our grant specialist who will help guide you to finding grants that meet your personal and business needs today!