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$50,000 NBMBAA Grants for Black Business Owners

Black business owners need business grants to help grow their business, expand or even stay afloat. However, finding resources that can help them cushion these challenges can be somewhat hard to come by or generally non-existent.

Grants can be used in a plethora of ways to help you with starting your dream business, whether you started off with some side hustles from home, or starting from your car, or have a kiosk set up at the park.

Whatever the case is, having access to grants can definitely make a lot of difference when it comes to creating that business of your dreams.

When you do a search online for “grants for Black businesses” you are very likely to find a list of grants that are recycled and repetitive and offering little or no help. is committed to changing that notion.

We want to connect you with grants that are tailored for African American Businesses, and grants you can actually apply and receive without endless hassles.

Black Business Grants

,000 NBMBAA Grants for Black Business Owners

Black business grants are essential in helping African Americans who own their own businesses or starting one. Are there grants for Black businesses I can apply for?

Yes, absolutely! From 37 list of grants for Black women to grants for Black men to grants for Black college students to grants for Black single mothers and much more.

Grants for Black female small business owners are accessible in many forms, particularly if you are just starting your own business. However, knowing where to look is essential to finding the funding you need.

What then is a Black business grant? A grant is a form of funding that you get for the purposes of starting a business, growing one, or for another social cause or change.

Therefore, grants that are tailored to the African American business owners are termed “Black business grants”.

Grant-issuing agencies, venture capitalists, and other business partnerships can provide grants for different purposes — from starting. a business to attending college or for community engagement and development.

List of Black Business Grants

,000 NBMBAA Grants for Black Business Owners

So you have just started a group home business, construction business, or beauty salon and need grants to get things going? Well, we have put together a list that will help you find the funding you need below.

For new Black business owners, getting their businesses funded can help in many ways. Here’s a list of grants that are tailored for African American business owners.

As a Black business owner, it is important to check out what the grant eligibility of these grants are, so you can see what grants you qualify for.

Another thing to remember is the time frame requirement for applying for these grants. Make sure you apply as soon as you can so you can have a greater chance of getting the funds you need.

$50,000 NBMBAA® Scale-Up Grant

,000 NBMBAA Grants for Black Business Owners

The National Black MBA Association® did launch their own version of Black business funding support termed the “Scale-Up Pitch Challenge” which was founded in 2017./ This program is in line with the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) program to support Black businesses.

If you have started your own business or thinking of establishing one. This grant can help you with the startup costs and other expenses you may need taking care of.

The NBMBAA program is tailored for new Black business that have some form of “giving back” concept to help create some form of community engagement and development.


There you have it! The NBMBAA grant is definitely one to look into. As a small business owner starting out, $50,000 can definitely help in many ways to help you get things going for your business.

The process for applying for grants generally come with many challenges, but the effort you put in is definitely worth it!

Take your time to provide all the necessary documentation that you need, then ensure that you provide all that is needed for you to get the necessary funding for your business.