Facebook launched a $20M grant for women and minority-owned businesses in 2020. Facebook supported businesses everywhere affected by COVID-19 and gave away $100 million to up to 30,000 eligible businesses across 30 countries where they operate. Facebook also did show its support for Black businesses when it announced its support for Black-owned businesses by doubling its initial $100 million grants in June of 2020.

2021 is here, but there is yet to be a formal announcement by Facebook as regards the continuity of the grants for Black-owned businesses. Though several businesses benefited from the grant package that Facebook launched in 2021, there are still a number of businesses out there trying to find grants to help grow their business, or at least, recover from the impact of the pandemic.

For Black women who are looking for funding opportunities for their businesses, the 31 ultimate lists of grants for Black women business owners. This is a great start to finding great options for grants that can help you grow your business.

There are grants available for businesses, however, the process can be different for many people. If you have to go through a process that requires a ton of documents and numbers from business plans to EIN to DUNNS number to grant proposal to grant eligibility criteria. All of these documents are essential for when you apply for grants, as you may be requested to provide them.

In any case, getting help may require that you do a number of things — if you’re a sole proprietor you may want to check that you have all that the grant-issuing agencies are asking for. In cases where you have business partnerships, then this process should be done by all the partners involved. This can be quite helpful in making sure that you do the necessary homework to show the grant issuing agencies that you are ready for the grants you are applying for.

The right way of approaching grants is to ensure that you look at them from the perspective of the grant-issuing agencies. When you have done all the necessary foundational work for the grant application that you are interested in, then you can proceed with applying for these grants to help you get the application going for grants for businesses, nonprofits, college, community, and startups.