This is a federal tax ID which means the employer identification number (EIN). This ID number is also known as Tax Identification Number (TIN) which is subjected to be owned by all business entities by the Internal Revenue service.

These numbers are very private which are only given to authorized persons alone.  This means it is very hard to obtain it and you only need to be an authorized representative from your company. So you either be the business owner or provide a legit reason for one to be provided with TIN information. There are some specific types of companies that are required by policy to maintain public records where in this case Employment Identification Number may be provided in some databases. These databases are very expensive where you are required to provide enough information to ease the process of assessing the TIN information in order to obtain a TIN. Refer to the following outline databases that provide guidelines on how to obtain Tax Identification Numbers;

Database for Tax- Exempt Organization

This refers to companies that are formed through the state’s office of the secretary of a given state. This is a situation where a company is given a TIN after completing IRS Form SS-4. To possess this tax-exempt status, the corporation is required to make an application purposely for this status with IRS.

From here it will go through the process of approving where after the approved process is complete, your company’s status will now be maintained in the Exempt Organization select check database. This is where you can check for more information about your company’s status.

To obtain your Tax Identification Number, go to search current and lapsed exempt status. The information that is provided via this database will lead you to your TIN. To make it simple try to search by entering the address or director’s name rather than using the company’s name which may lead you to multiple results. By using this simpler way, it will help you confirm that you are possessing the right TIN.

Database for the Securities Exchange Commission Registration

The federal policy states that any company raising one million dollars or more must make a registration with Security Exchange Commission (SEC). This means if your company files tax forms 8-K, 10-K, or 10-Q indicates that your corporate tax report is kept and maintained under a free public database which is called EDGAR. This database is controlled and maintained by SEC.

Due to the fact that the database is quite expensive, you need to provide information about your company as much as you can to ease the search process so as to land at the correct company within the shortest time. The Board of directors’ names is also helpful during the search. This confirms that you are in the right place. Do not forget to always include your company’s legal name and address. This helps you speed the process of obtaining your company’s TIN.

Database for Medical Provider

This is a case where a doctor is also owning a business entity that is meant for health provision. They are governed by provider networks whose aim is to provide insurance benefits to health networks.

Obtaining a TIN from this database is done by searching the provider’s network by locating a specific doctor or by reaching the medical group. This is also a simple process where you only need to have adequate information concerning the company to be sure of the TIN obtained. You can make it easy by trying to match the doctor’s name, place business, and the medical practice in the field of specialization.

Company database

This is whereas a company you help your staff to obtain a TIN. Your employees should then have a valid business reason before you provide them with TIN information. On the other hand, your employees need TIN to complete filing their tax returns. The information is always provided on payroll paperwork or on year-end W2forms. This is a case where your employees may consult you for TIN information.

There are special people who are known as Independent contractors and they are making more than $600 from any business contracted on. They also need to make a report to obtain TIN. The evidence is obtained for every 1099-MISC they receive from those contracts they land in.

In the cases where the contracted individual has not sent their TIN information for tax purposes then as a company, you are authorized to request the necessary information directly from the named business.  This is to avoid troubles that both parties may land on a later date.

On the same note, the contracted person have also the legitimacy to request the same TIN from the business that made the payment. All these named parties have all the rights reserved for them to obtain the correct Tax Identification Number.