Grants for African Americans are accessible, and finding these grants may come at a cost, but it sure is worth every work put into it. The grant process can be quite the process, however, knowing how to navigate the complexities of a grant application can help you succeed in your search for grants.

For many African American women just starting out, there are many factors that they face when it comes to accessing limited grants that are available to everyone. You can find grants to start a group home business, grants to start your own construction company, grants for home rental and grants to start a group home, and many more.

When you know what you want to do with the grants that you are applying for, then the process becomes a lot easier. The first thing to always realize is that there are grants out there at every given time. The fact that you are not able to access these grants does not mean that there aren’t many grants out there.

$25,000 Grants Creative Writing Initiatives for Girls and Women

Grants to Support African American Business Development

The $25,000 grant was established to encourage girls and women who are looking to access funding for their programs.

Grants of up to $25,000 to Connecticut, Florida, New York, and Washington, DC nonprofit organizations for creative writing initiatives for girls and women. Funding is intended to support programs that encourage women to pursue a career in writing. The purpose of the program is to inspire women and girls to learn to write or support the advancement of their current abilities.

The Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation supports programs that will provide women and girls with the knowledge and skills to express themselves through the art of writing and to encourage higher levels of training designed to assist women in delivering clear and persuasive arguments for change and equality. This program was designed to support women as they pursue a career and love of writing.

The New ERA program was created to encourage writing professionals, teachers, counselors, professors, and schools to start or continue programs that support career paths in creative writing for women and girls.

All writing areas are supported: Journalism, Fiction, Poetry, Prose, Blogging, Novel, Autobiography, Book Reviews, Comic Strips, Diaries, Essays, Fables – the sky’s the limit – as long as the program supports women and girls and their writing aspirations.

Non-English language programs are included as part of these programs.