There are programs that support Black programs. However, the Black Girl Freedom Fund is an initiative of Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC), which is a program aimed at championing the needs of Black girls and their families.

The program is sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. The new initiative aims to bring Black girls from every background and walk of life together to help build a lasting legacy of what the program represents.

 Billion New Initiative to Mobilize Black Girls and Young Women For 10 Years

The first round of grants has just been announced. The focus of their first round of grants is to help organizations that are committed to fighting for and championing the interest of the Black girl wherever they are.

The program brings together the safety and wellbeing of Black girls. As Black women, and Femmes activists, all types of artists, educators, organizers, and philanthropists, we have come together because we believe that by investing $1 Billion in Black girls and young women over the next decade, we can make the biggest change possible.

Partnered with the #1Billion4BlackGirls campaign, the fund’s mission is to raise $1 billion for girls and young women over the next 10 years. The campaign has funded $17 million since its unveiling in September 2020.