The J.M. Kaplan Fund champions is committed to transformative social, environmental, and cultural causes through inventive grant-making. For business owners, looking to find grant support to help them fund their business, their dreams, and help with community engagement, the J.M Kaplan Fund is a great option to look into.

This JM program has been in existence now for over its 72-year history, the Fund has devoted $250 million to propel fledgling efforts concerning civil liberties, human rights, the arts, and the conservation and enhancement of the built and natural worlds.

As of today, the J.M program has reached individuals and communities from the fund that is currently active across the United States and beyond, operating grant programs focusing on the environment, heritage conservation, and social justice. To continue its legacy of catalytic giving, the Fund launched the J.M.K. Innovation Prize in 2015, reaching across America to provide early-stage support for entrepreneurs with twenty-first-century solutions to urgent social challenges.

This program also provides various support for other programs that have to do with supporting dreams that have to do with creating a solid foundation to grow businesses to heights desired. If you would like to know more about this program, and be part of the work they are doing, click here to apply now.