Grants for nonprofits search show a hugely significant increase in 2020. What are nonprofit grants you may ask?

According to Kindful 2020, nonprofit grants are a form of financial support that is provided to nonprofits by governmental agencies, corporations, foundations, and in many cases, individuals to help support agencies and organizations.

It is important to note that the grants provided by federal, state, and local government, and other grant-providing agencies do not require that these grants be paid back. However, you may be required to show what the grant funds are being used for.

What are Nonprofits

Nonprofit according to, are registered corporations, trust, association, cooperative, or other organizations, that are not organized primarily for profit; and use their net proceeds to maintain, improve, or expand the operations of the organizations they were set up for.

2020 has indeed been a year for a consistent increase in the search for nonprofit awards and funding by many individuals and agencies as it were. The search from Grants for Black Women Business Owners to Grant for Black Entrepreneurs in 2022. This definitely shows that there is a demand for Grant opportunities for nonprofits globally.

The situation is not unconnected with the global recession experienced in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic effect on businesses. The different areas of economic effects on business indeed affected other aspects of the application process that nonprofits usually go through when they apply for grants to help fund their business and projects for the community.

Nonprofit and For Profit

One major difference that you can easily see between nonprofit and for-profit is the fact the former is not profit-driven, while the latter is. Nonprofit get funding for projects such as community engagement programs, family activity planner, after school programs, and much more. These programs are mostly funded by the government and other funding agencies, such as Harlem Capital Partners, Humble Ventures, and others.

The concept of running a nonprofit can mean different things to different people, particularly if you happen to provide services to a given demographic. Nonprofits are able to function largely because of the funding they are able to receive from the funding organizations that guarantee them funding in the form of grants.

Nonprofits may also have an arm or extension of their nonprofits that may provide some profit-making services to the community they serve, however, these profits are put back into the program. It is important to understand the different roles that these nonprofits play, and how these roles impact their areas of expertise, especially as it concerns funding.

7 Grants for Nonprofits: The ultimate List of Available Grant Sources in 2022

7 List of Grants for Nonprofits in 2022

Nonprofits can apply for these grants to help them run their programs or start some new ones. We have compiled some helpful grants that non-profit organizations are eligible for applying simply for being registered as nonprofits. These Grants can definitely come in handy when needed, especially in terms of running programs for the nonprofits.

The listed grants are funding opportunities that have been established by third-party funders who are committed to helping the community strive. The funders look for programs that are helpful and valuable in the community, and they support these programs in the form of grants, and other financial programs.

The process involves several different aspects of program applications, but one that particularly stands out is the application process, which has been made quite accessible by the funders of the program. Most of the grants listed are grants that can be easily accessible by registered nonprofits in any area of specialization of any kind.

1. Chicago Region Food System Fund

The Chicago Region Food System Fund is he Chicago Region Food System Fund was established to help take care of the challenges of hunger and, deprivations, lack of access to basic amenities, and business disruption by making sure that the region’s communities and local food system in response to COVID-19 and other systemic inequalities are duly addressed.

The program also extends its funding to the current unrest that may have resulted directly due to covid-19, racial and economic injustice. The Fund further encourages participation from diverse communities, including urban neighborhoods and rural communities, and LGBTQIA+ organizations, promoting food system resilience in BIPOC communities in the area.

2. Chamiza Foundation: Emergency Relief Funding

The Chamiza Foundation has established this grant to help provide some monetary assistance, especially for nonprofits through the Emergency Relief Funding program. The Chamiza Foundation program is open until February of 2020. This is a great time to apply so as to get ready for the first bouts of funding that should open up a few months from now.

The program is accepting grant applications that are aimed at helping nonprofits in response to the effects of COVID-19. These grant awards range from $3,000 to $12,000. The grant would be helping support nonprofits that are in the areas of necessities such as food, housing, medical supplies, and other needs such as water; community relief amongst others.

3. Abbotsford Community Foundation: Responsive Neighborhood Small Grants

The Abbotsford Community Foundation program is one that does not require any deadline for application. This is very helpful due to some of the time constraints that non-profits have to work around when it comes to applying for these grants. The program is also open to different areas of nonprofits programs that are run to help community members.

The funding opportunities for this program also vary, therefore, depending on what project you have in mind, you may have access to full or partial funding as the case may be. The Abbotsford Community program is also focused on helping bridge the gap between the needs of the community and those that are looking to start their own nonprofit organizations.

4. Adirondack Foundation: Special and Urgent Needs Fund

For nonprofits that are geared towards helping with providing food and other essential services to members of the community that they serve, this program, Adirondack Foundation has established a grant to help cushion the effects of the pandemic by providing grant opportunities for nonprofits The grants are accessible to the public and can be done in no time at all.

The Adirondack program also provides a mentorship program that helps those that are looking to start their own nonprofit organization. The program caters to all the other areas of nonprofits such as program implementation, advancement, and volunteering supportive programs to help the nonprofits thrive.

5. Ashland County Community Foundation: COVID-19 Nonprofit Relief Grants

The Ashland county  $10,000 is designed to help nonprofit organizations in Ashland County that meet basic human needs and necessities such as food and shelter. If your nonprofit is in this space, you are eligible to apply for this program with the Ashland County program. The dates are quite flexible, and that makes it very helpful for the application process.

The program also does support increased mental health needs due to COVID-19 or provide economic relief. If you are in the mental health space and would love to access this grant, all you have to do is to reach out and create a profile for your nonprofit and apply accordingly. The flexibility of the dates makes it a seamless experience for applicants.

7 Grants for Nonprofits: The ultimate List of Available Grant Sources in 2022

6. Billings Community Foundation

The Billings Community Foundation is focused on connecting all of the different areas of nonprofit programs to help create balanced program access to all that are in need of such services. The Billings program ensures that one is not stranded due to the inability of funds. Depending on the needs of the program, the direction is taken care of help in terms of making that much-needed decision.

This program does a lot of program assistance in the form of the provision of grants for nonprofits. The program also creates unique access to all of this too. The process for applying for this program is self-explanatory and very helpful when you provide all the necessary programs needed for a complete application.

7. Berkshire Community Foundation

The Berkshire Community Foundation is one program that was designed as a way for nonprofits to be able to access funds for program purposes. The different areas can also help in terms of accessing the different funding programs for the nonprofit. The Berkshire program definitely puts nonprofits first and creates a platform where they can access funds for their program.

For those who may have just started their nonprofit and may not have all the required information to seed the agency. It may take a while to process. However, finding a way of getting in touch with the grant funder, and explaining the situation of things can be helpful in terms of turning things around for the better.


Sourcing for grants for nonprofits definitely comes with challenges of its own. For those who have ran a non profit and have a number of years understands the process of reaching out and submitting the required paperwork for one to be part of this wonderful team. For those who are just starting, it may appear like it’s a lot to handle at once, but it definitely gets better with some experience over time..

Now that you understand how the process of applying for grants work. The whole thing can be quite new to people, and learning and watching them can help solve such huge timeless and inaccurate paperwork. This is usually the very start you can do. We hope that you are able to find something that works for you, and join them to have the tennis racket