The Goldman Sachs Grant for Black Women is part of the one million black women initiatives, which aims to allocate $10 million over a multi-year grant scheme, to scale nonprofit organizations’ initiatives that focus on improving the lives of black women.

Goldman Sachs created the grant scheme in response to information from black women’s non-profit leaders. To be eligible for the program, the non-profit must be a 501© (3) organization located in the United States with an annual operating budget of $250,000 to $1,000,000.

This organization must have black women in leadership and/or initiatives, and also with one of Goldman Sachs’ Impact Areas.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading world economic establishment that offers several financial services to the customer base, which comprises corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals; through banking and investment management.

Goldman Sachs has devoted $10 billion in direct investment capital and $100 million in charitable capital over the coming decade, in collaboration with black-women-led groups, banking institutions, and other partners, to confront the gender biases black women have encountered for centuries, which have been aggravated by the global epidemic.

The one million black women initiative is named after and steered by the aim of changing the lives of the majority of black women by 2030.

Eligibility Requirements for Goldman Sachs Grant for Black Women in 2022

  • Section 501(c)(3) tax exemption as a U.S. public charity (3)
  • Annual operating budgets range between $250,000 and $1 million on average
  • Ability to serve black women and girls
  • Black women’s capacity in management or leadership position
  • Alignment with at least one of the seven impact areas of one million black women

Goldman Sachs Grant Focus Areas for Black Women in 2022

These are education, healthcare, housing, financial assistance, internet infrastructure, capital access, job, and workforce advancements. Their influence is described as follows on the Goldman Sachs website:

  • Education: Expanding opportunities for low-cost early childhood programs and high-quality K-12 schools, along with secondary or vocational education.
  • Healthcare: Boosting access to quality healthcare by funding FQHCs, hospital collaborations, and telehealth innovations.
  • Housing: Funding for the construction and preservation of quality housing.
  • Financial health: Enhancing economic well-being, which includes financial education innovation.
  • Digital connectivity: Increased link to capital for black woman business owners.
  • Job creation and workforce advancement: Funding workforce development and businesses that offer up-skilling for career advancement and high wages.

What Goldman Sachs is Looking for in Black Women in 2022

Entries will be evaluated and rated on the following characteristics, to determine which groups will be invited to the next application process:

  • Integration with One Million Black Women Impact Areas: How intimately the firm’s objective, targets, actions, projects, and/or programs coincide with one or more of the one million black women impact areas.
  • Black Women Leadership: How profoundly the enterprise illustrates and centers black women’s leadership at the board of directors, executive level, program level, and beyond.
  • Integration of Black Women and Girls’ Perspectives: The extent to which the firm strives to comprehend and incorporate black women and girls’ points of view into its work.
  • Focus on Black Women and Girls: How well the firm directs its resources toward assisting black women and girls.

How to Apply for Goldman Sachs Grants for Black Women in 2022

  • Open Call: All applicants forwarded their initial application by March 11, 2022, at 11:59 pm EST
  • Callback: Selected applicants were invited to finalize the entire application in April 2022.
  • Final Selection: The Goldman Sachs Foundation prepared and announced award decisions in June 2022, and the awardees were notified before the general public.

Recipients of Goldman Sachs Grant 2022

According to reports, the following organizations obtained Goldman Sachs Grant for Black Women in 2022, and stand as their representatives across the country:

  • Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation, led by Dr. Deborah Mitchell (Minnesota)
  • Bethesda Center for the Homeless, led by Ashley Martin (North Carolina)
  • TOPPS–Targeting Our People’s Priorities with Service, led by Annette Dove (Arkansas)
  • TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, led by Ricki Fairley and Valarie Worthy (Maryland)
  • Upton Planning Committee, led by Wanda G. Best (Maryland)
  • Village of Healing, led by Tenisha Gaines and Da’na M. Langford (Ohio)
  • We2gether Creating Change, led by Gloria Dickerson (Mississippi)
  • YesSheCanCampaign, led by Zaniya Lewis (New Jersey)
  • Build in Tulsa, led by Ashli Sims (Oklahoma)
  • Butterfly Dreamz, Inc., led by Joy Lindsay (New Jersey)
  • Chicago South Side Birth Center, led by Jeanine Valrie Logan (Illinois)
  • Cohort Sistas, led by Ijeoma Kola (Indiana)
  • Black Education for New Orleans, led by Adrinda Kelly (Louisiana)
  • Black Girl Health Foundation Inc., led by Porcha Grigsby (Maryland)
  • Black Girls Smile Inc., led by Lauren Carson (Georgia)
  • Black Mamas ATX, led by Kelenne Blake-Fallon (Texas)
  • Black Women Build – Baltimore, Inc., led by Shelley Halstead (Maryland)
  • Okionu Birth Foundation, led by Jacquelyn Clemmons (Colorado)
  • Paradigm for Parity, led by Sandra Quince (New York)
  • Partners In Equity, led by Janice Sherman (Georgia)
  • PIVOT Inc., led by Veronica Jackson (Maryland)
  • Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program, led by Kelly Fair (Illinois)
  • Pursuit of Innovation (Pi515), led by Nancy Mwirotsi (Iowa)
  • Seeds of Fortune Inc., led by Nitiya Walker (New York)
  • SistasCaring4Sistas, led by Cindy McMillan, Wakina Robertson, and Nikita Smart (North Carolina)
  • Soul 2 Soul Sisters (S2SS), led by Rev. Tawana Angela Davis, Mdiv., MA, Ph.D. and Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval (Colorado)
  • South Dallas Fair Park Innercity Community Development Corporation, led by Diane Ragsdale (Texas)
  • The Aux (fiscal agent: The Growing Season), led by Tosha Wilson (Illinois)
  • The Bridge Agency, INC, led by Nicole Scott (Louisiana)
  • Therapeutic Play Foundation, led by Nakeya Fields (California)
  • Cool Girls, Inc., Tanya Egins (Georgia)
  • Cornerstone Corporation, led by Monique Thomas (Missouri)
  • Custom Collaborative, led by NgoziOkaro (New York)
  • Drive Change, Inc., led by Kalilah Moon (New York)
  • Educating Young Minds, led by Angeles Echols (California)
  • Fifth Star Funds, led by Stella Ashaolu (Illinois)
  • Finance Savvy CEO Foundation, led by Marguerite Pressley Davis (Georgia)
  • Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center, led by Mereida Goodman (Maryland)
  • O.P.E, Inc. (Helping Other People be Empowered), led by Kenita Smith (Georgia)
  • Habitat for Humanity DeKalb, led by Sharon Steele (Georgia)
  • Hannibal Square Community Land Trust, Inc., led by Camille Reynolds Lewis (Florida)
  • HeartSmiles, led by Joni Holifield (Maryland)
  • Hope for Youth, Inc. (HYPE), led by Kristina Newton (Georgia)
  • Inspiring Minds Greater Philadelphia, led by Andrea Garner (Pennsylvania)
  • Increasing H.O.P.E. Financial Training Center, led by Dorothea Bernique (South Carolina)
  • ICE Mentors (Eryn PiNK Girl Empowerment), led by Eryn Hathaway (Ohio)
  • LEAD Girls of NC, led by Joy Nelson Thomas (North Carolina)
  • Mama Glow Foundation, led by Latham Thomas (New York)
  • MOMCares, led by Ana Rodney (Maryland)
  • Narrative Nation Inc. led by Kimberly Seals Allers (New York)


Black women are always at the forefront of steering progressive reform to assist and empower their communities, despite having constrained monetary resources. This grant program not only continues to support these 50 creative black women leaders, but it also conveys the message to some industries and charitable societies that have long passed time for Black women’s leadership to be invested in and given more positions at the rooms of control and influence, which is a wise corporate decision to develop and fortify the country’s economic growth.