Fire departments are essential in every part of the United States. Every year, EMS and fire departments in the United States answer vast numbers of requests for assistance.

Service standards for EMS and firefighting agencies have continuously grown, including the fire service’s contribution to EMS delivery, responding to catastrophic events, dangerous chemicals, specialized rescue, as well as terrorism-related incidents.

This expanded task comes at the same time when county council expenditures are being strained thin, resulting in more obligations with little or no money to support them. Recent reports indicate a worrisome lack of training, along with insufficient resources and tools required to keep basic fire and EMS response abilities in the United States fire department.

Balancing various sources of local revenue has emerged as an important component for EMS and fire administrators as well as chief officers. In the United States, there are various foundations and charitable organizations that assist good causes.

Charitable contributions, or funds donated by persons, families, or corporate entities, are typically used to fund them. Foundations are typically run by a group of directors or trustees who make decisions regarding how the financial operations and resources will be distributed.

Private Grants for Fire Department

  1. Fraternal Order of Eagles Foundation

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Foundation is renowned for offering need-based grants to fire departments throughout the country. They offer $1,000 grants for CPR equipment.

Eligibility Requirements

Local Fire Departments or Emergency Medical Service units are really the only recipients of grants. The investments will be used to purchase CPR equipment. Grant funds cannot be used to cover any class instructor program costs related to organizing a CPR class.

How to Apply

To apply, you will have to forward a letter describing your project. Send your letter to

Fraternal Order of Eagles Foundation

1623 Gateway Cir. S. Grove City, OH

43123-9309 (614) 883-2200

  1. The Hormel Foundation

Since 2009, the Hormel Foundation provides financial assistance to fire departments spanning from $20,000 to upwards of $200,000. Fire departments have received grants for a variety of equipment necessary for their jobs.

Eligibility Requirements

To be to qualify for a Foundation grant, your organization must:

  • The Internal Revenue Service should indeed rule that the organization is exempt from taxes, and it needs to be managed for charity, academic, or research-based purposes.
  • Should be situated in and/or have a direct impact on the Austin, Minnesota area.
  • Individuals are ineligible for Foundation grant funds.
How to Apply

To apply, forward a letter noting the project in detail or sign up on the grant website and then submit an application online by clicking on the “Online Application Form” box.

  1. Brant Chesney Memorial Grant Program

The GFBF has formed a special grant scheme in remembrance of Brant Chesney, a Gwinnett County career firefighter who died on December 27, 1996, while trying to combat a fire as a volunteer with the Forsyth County Fire Department. The funding will be utilized by fire departments in Georgia to develop a brand-new program or enhance a current everyday society safety scheme focusing on fire prevention as well as burn prevention education.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Georgia-licensed fire department.
  • Have set objectives that can be met within six months of receiving funding.
  • Operations that are permissible: Initiatives for fire prevention as well as life safety education.
How to Apply

Visit the grant website ( or contact Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation via (404) 320-6223

  1. Monsanto fund

The Monsanto Fund supports fire departments throughout the nation. The entry process entails submitting a proposal that completely describes the project. In 2009, grant prizes varied significantly from $20,000 to $300,000.

Eligibility Requirements

NGOs that continue to work to provide food, enhance sanitation, ensure the availability of water, and address other particular needs of disadvantaged and marginalized communities worldwide.

How to Apply

Prior to actually applying, you must first consult a Monsanto Fund regional or local official. To be acknowledged for the grant, you should obtain a referral from your local rep. Once the local representative approves your application, you will be provided with a special code with which you will be able to access the online application.

  1. Omnova solutions foundation

The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation provides grants to fire departments premised on their requirement for growth or new equipment. To apply, you should submit a detailed request outlining the scheme and its costs. In 2009, grants varied widely from $5,000 to $100,000.

Eligibility Requirements

The OMNOVA Solutions Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations founded for community use and with an active 501(3) designation under the Internal Revenue Service Rules. Although the OMNOVA Solutions Foundation finances a restricted range of national projects, the Foundation prioritizes institutions in neighborhoods where OMNOVA does business as well as where its workers reside and work.

How to Apply

Contact OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Inc. at 175 Ghent Rd. Fairlawn, OH 44333-3300 (330) 869-4289

  1. Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Grant

The AED grant is an organizational buy-down grant initiative that is supported by generous support, corporate sponsorship, as well as AED manufacturer sponsors. This scheme is intended to assist organizations and individuals in purchasing AED devices at reasonable prices.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Enterprises, departments, and organizations, both private and public.
  • Individual people are eligible to apply as well.
  • AED purchases are authorized actions.
How to Apply

To apply, please visit the website ( or call (760) 944-1048.

  1. Fireman’s Fund Heritage Program

The Fireman’s Fund Heritage is a nationwide community-based scheme that gives funding for firefighting instruction, fire prevention equipment, fire protection training, and community disaster response initiatives. Workers and officials of the Fireman’s Fund make grants and volunteer for local fire stations, nationwide fire fighting institutions, as well as burn prevention/treatment groups.

The Fireman’s Fund Heritage program, established as a charitable objective by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, assists firefighters in making the environment safer.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Eligible entities include fire departments.
  • Fire devices, firefighting, firefighting instruction, fire protection training, as well as emergency preparedness programs are all qualified activities.
How to Apply

Visit to apply.

  1. Allstate Charitable Foundation

This foundation devotes huge amounts of dollars to the United States each year. The Allstate Foundation is committed to creating secure cities in which people will live. These towns are financially prosperous and crime-free, and inhabitants have a greater sense of commitment and loyalty.

Eligibility Requirements

501(c) (3) organizations, federal and state organizations, as well as municipalities are all eligible.

Practices that are permissible: Preferences for grants are categorized into three parts: Healthy and Vital Neighborhoods, Economic Empowerment and Tolerance, as well as Inclusion and Diversity.

How to Apply

Visit to apply.

  1. FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program

FM Global offers monetary assistance to firefighting groups. Fire departments and fire brigades, along with national, state, regional, local, and community groups, could indeed submit funding applications to assist with a variety of firefighting programs.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Fire departments and brigades, along with national, state, regional, local, and civic organizations, are eligible.
  • Pre-fire preparation for industrial, manufacturing, and organizational infrastructure; fire and property destruction mitigation and inquiry; as well as firefighting educational and training schemes are all qualified exercises.
How to Apply

To apply, go to or email

  1. International Fire Relief Mission (IFRM)

The International Fire Rescue Mission (IFRM) is a charitable organization whose objective is to give potentially lifesaving help and support to engaged fire crews as well as emergency responders in areas that lack educational advantages or tools;

To provide special purpose demos on how to use donated firefighting and emergency response devices in full compliance with standard guidelines; and to promote effective, long-term help and support by expanding global agreements and partnerships for continuous encouragement, preparedness, and training.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Fire as well as public safety organizations located beyond the United States are eligible.
  • Fire and EMS devices, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), compressors, lifesaving instruments, gear, as well as EMS equipment, are able to qualify for activities.
How to Apply

To apply, visit

  1. Lacy and Connor Search and Rescue Fund

The fund’s mission is to focus on providing monetary support to law enforcement and charitable groups engaged in search and rescue operations. These organizations are advised to apply for grants for instruction, tools, or any other item that will help them develop their search-and-rescue efforts.

Eligibility Requirements

Tools as well as instruction, such as PPE, field equipment, medical-care equipment, rescue gear, and dive equipment, are qualified activities.

Groups engaged in search-and-rescue operations are eligible.

How to Apply

Visit to apply.