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Can You Get a Scholarship to Havard?

Yes. You may be eligible for a scholarship to Harvard. Harvard University provides scholarships as well as other types of monetary assistance to students. Harvard University, as with any private Elite University, is extremely costly. Nevertheless, Harvard is also passionate about offering monetary assistance to accepted students so that high achievers from all backgrounds can join them.

Becoming a student at this highly regarded institution is a wonderful experience, from having to meet individuals from various backgrounds to embracing an entirely new scholarly universe. However, amazing opportunities usually come at a cost.

Harvard University’s student fees are quite high. They could go close to $44,900 per year. Students might just have to pony up roughly $3950 in fees and about $10,000 in housing. The total amount can soar to $65,000 for post-graduate programs.

These fees can be impossible to afford for several students applying to Harvard University. But one should not lose hope!

The University has a long tradition of granting financial assistance to its students. Students can choose between scholarships provided by external sources and those offered by the College. The institution has a thorough mechanism in place for identifying students who require monetary support.

Your financial assistance package would be comprised of scholarship (grant) cash, student jobs, as well as any possible outside prize. Once you meet the criteria for Harvard financial assistance, they will utilize a variety of resources to establish an individually tailored funding package for you.

For those who are willing to participate, parents as well as student loans are indeed obtainable. Harvard’s scholarships usually accommodate 100% of your monetary needs since the university is devoted to accessibility.

What Kinds of Scholarships Does Harvard Provide?

Even though Harvard provides numerous merit scholarships to its students, getting a full ride is incredibly hard. Harvard’s financial assistance schemes are premised on need. Because there are no remuneration awards or scholarships, students would be unable to obtain a standard Harvard University scholarship that includes the entirety of their schooling.

There is currently no scholarship available to students via chance or accomplishment that will pay the full expense of their education at Harvard.

This more or less entails that if you require a full ride, you won’t get one. If you’re left with unaddressed expenses upon obtaining your financial assistance package, you can compensate for the difference by applying for external scholarships.

Harvard Scholarships to Consider

  1. Mental Health Importance Scholarship

Note that the above $1,000 scholarship is available to graduating seniors, undergraduate as well as graduate students. Participants are asked to write about why mental health is paramount to them in their application essays. Students must apply by December 1st.

  1. Olivia Woods Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any low-income student who likes to read. The application asks participants to try writing about how a favorite book impacted their lives. Students must apply by March 1, 2023, to be eligible for the $1,050 prize.

  1. Holistic Health Scholarship

The above $1,000 scholarship is open to seniors in high school, undergraduate as well as graduate students. Students must apply by November 20, 2022. Students are prompted to write about how they care for all facets of their health whilst also concentrating on college in the proposal.

  1. Learner Math Scholarship

Students of all educational levels are recommended to register for this scholarship by November 15, 2022. The program requires participants who are passionate about math to share their enthusiasm for the subject. The scheme offers a $1,000 award.


There is currently no specific amount of scholarship opportunities or financial assistance packs that Harvard will award. Harvard pledges to fulfill 100% of every student’s proven monetary need, and as such the amount of scholarships granted is determined by new students’ economic needs.

Furthermore, the admittance system is totally need-blind, which means that Harvard accepts students purely on achievements, not on their capacity to afford the education.