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21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students

The cost of getting a college education these days has increasingly been on the rise in recent times. According to Business Insider, college is more expensive now than it has ever been. Indeed, higher education can be financially challenging nowadays.

For most students, grants and scholarships are a necessity for pursuing a college education. Most African Americans may say that they don’t receive equal opportunities when it comes to education, but the truth is, there is an endless list of sources of college funding available in the country offering grants especially for African Americans.

Finding Grants for Black College Students

21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students

There are a number of African American grants and scholarships provided through The United Negro College Fund. These are mostly given to students studying at any Historically Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs. 

One example is the Frederick Douglass Scholars Program at Howard University; it is awarded to incoming students with an excellent academic record who are pursuing doctoral studies and intending to teach in college. Recipients may receive an annual allowance of $15 000 for five years.

On top of that, a $1000 annual research allowance would be provided plus full tuition remission.

The Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology (DFBSST) was established by a team of black technical professionals. Through African American grants, they are aiming to eliminate the financial obstacles which hold back African American students in pursuing technical and scientific fields.

DFBSST gives financial aid to undergraduate students studying relevant fields at any Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They award $2000 a year for four years.

21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students

The Federal Pell Grant should be taken into consideration by most students looking for grants. It’s the largest source of federal grant programs. The award as much as $4 731 every year. It’s based on students’ financial status and needs.

Recipients of Federal Pell Grant are not required to maintain an average grade, but they should be studying in an eligible school. Furthermore, Federal Pell Grant should be given priority by students looking for financial aid to study because there are other supplementary sources that require applicants to be Federal Pell Grant eligible.

21 List of Scholarships and Grants for African American College Students 2023

1. Mensa Foundation Racial Diversity Grant

The grant by Mensa Foundation is aimed at celebrating racial diversity in scholarship awards. The annual grant is awarded to a person of color, and this is based on 550-word essays that the applicants write about their academic and professional goals. and how their life experiences will motivate them to accomplish the stated goals. The program is run annually and accepts students from all over the country.

2. AAG – Do Something Good Grant

The American Advisors Group Grant is aimed to foster and encourage more good deed amongst minority groups. The program offers a grant of $1,500 to people in the community who have contributed one way or the other to the growth and development of their community. The AAG Do Something Good Grant also has some other valuable grants that are tailored for minority students to help them get ahead financially and academically.

3. AAC Express Script Scholarship Program

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) is a body that collectively caters to the wellbeing of Pharmacists. This AACP is offering a scholarship program that takes care of minority students who are interested in pursuing pharmacy in the university. The AACP also offers several other scholarship programs that you may qualify for.

21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students

4. ABA Diversity Scholarships for Minority Students

The ABA diversity scholarship is meant to create awareness about minority students and in turn, help them financially to attain their goals. The American Bus Association created this grant for students for the following reasons:

  • To help increase and broaden the overall number of minority applicants at the agency
  • To help increase the number of traditionally underrepresented groups in the management
  • To create diversity in the operation ranks of the American Bus Association
  • To create a level of understanding and awareness of diversity in the transportation, travel, and tourism industry at the ABA.

5. Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship

The Zelle Diversity in Law Scholarship is aimed at encouraging and providing funding for minority students up to $15,000. The Applicants must be law students who are either members of a minority group that is historically underrepresented in law practice. This scholarship is aimed at encouraging more African American students to pursue a career in law.

6. Ron Brown Scholarship

This award founded in Ron Brown’s name’s purpose is to create a high education and improvement of the lives of public service-minded and intellectually gifted African Americans and others of black descent to help them in the acceleration. of their growth and their progress into impactful leadership roles. positions opportunities.

7. APTA Minority Scholarships – Faculty Development Scholarships

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Minority Scholarships helps provide funding and grants for African American doctoral education support for minority faculty members, with the aim of acknowledging and rewarding those who have shown a considerably high levels of commitment to serve minority in some capacity, form or in any way that contributes immensely to the community.

8. ASGP Graduate Research Fellowships

The Alaska Space Grant Program for graduate research fellowships was created with minority students in mind. This program basically supports students in the terms of improving access and membership representation in the area of research projects. program implementation, advancing and building upon the vision of NASA programs for minority students. This program aims to also increase African American representation in the NASA and all of its program’s extensions.

9. Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship

The Howard Mayer Brown award was established with the aim of ensuring that there is an increase in the number of minority scholars and teachers who are enrolled in musicology by providing financial support to African American applicants who show interest in pursing a career in the filed of music. The annual award can also be renewed as long as the application remains valid within the current year of the application submission.

10. MLA Scholarship for Minority Students

The Medical Library Association (MLA) instituted this scholarships to encourage black students in different filed of human endeavour to consider a career in the filed. The grant also support minority students who are either currently enrolled in a Masters program, or considering pursuing one. The grant can be entered during the period of the application, which varies every year. The MLA program can also be used to improve the level of engagement for students within the different layers of programs options.

11. NABA National Scholarship Program

The National Association of Black Accountants established this grant in the hopes of proving the needed support for African American students who are planning to enter a business-related field or career. This grant helps to provide initial funding for these students, and help them create a path to a seamless dream actualization within their program support system.

12. Ruth Simms Hamilton Research Fellowship

The Ruth Simms Hamilton Research Fellowship is a great program that provides support for cutting-edge, graduate-level research of minority students to help them create a platform to advance members and participation in the program. This grant was also established to help in creating further advancement of the African American student body that are registered in the program.

13. ASA Minority Fellowship Program (ASA MFP)

The American Sociological Association is a program that is aimed at creating opportunities for Minority students who are considering taking up fellowship programs with the organization. The program provides an annual grant awards to African Americans who are currently enrolled or considering enrolment in the program. The award helps to create a different level of engagement for each category to help them accomplish their plans of becoming part of the ASA organization.

14. RMHC African American Future Achievers Scholarship

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is an organization that helps provide funding opportunities such as grants and scholarships to African Americans. The program is focused on helping to bridge the gap between African Americans and the larger community enrolled at the program. The grant award is not specified for any program or course, as it is open to all program extensions and program options offered at the organization.

15. AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program (MFP)

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy grant is specifically founded to support African Americans who are considering going into family therapy. The program covers different aspects of the family life, and aims to encourage more participation of Minorities in their program. The AAMFT grant is an annual award that can be renewed at the end of each application.

16. Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship

This program is specific to Minorities. The program was established to acknowledge and encourage African Americans in Government Financial Services. This grant was founded to provide funding opportunities for Minorities, and also to support them in their entry to the financial sector, especially in their preparation for careers in the state and local government financial sectors.

17. UCSD Black Alumni Scholarship for Arts and Humanities

The University of San Diego (UCSD) established this grant to provide financial backing for African Americans. This grant award was created to support the education of black students who are from California. The different areas of the involvement of the program is considered paramount in this program. The UCSD program was established by the institution with the contribution of the Alumni from Arts and Humanities to support this program.

18. NACA Multicultural Professional Development Grant

The National Association for Campus Activities organized this grant to help students in terms of providing the needed economic assistance to those that are qualified , even though they are under-represented programmers, which is meant to let the recipients to attend the NACA-sponsored training programs, workshops, seminars, and other regional conferences that NACA National Conventions are part of.

19. National Dental Hygienists’ Association Scholarships (NDHA)

The National Dental Hygienists Association is a program that is focused on creating financial and economic opportunities for Blacks to be able to access to the same opportunities that others access with the NDHA. The program provides a yearly program that caters for African Americans by providing them access to grants and other financial support.

20. The Dwight D. Eisenhower/Ann Cook Whitman Washington, D.C.

The Dwight Eisenhower grant program was established for African Americans To assist graduating African-American seniors who come from the District of Columbia public education system especially in the area of applying and attaining undergraduate degree in the completion of of their education and to develop their leadership skills.

21. The Hyatt Hotels Fund For Minority Lodging Management Students

Last but not least is the Hyatt Hotels Fund for Minority Lodging Management Students who are of African American descent. This program aims to encourage black students who are in the hospitality industry. This program provides funding in the form of grants and scholarships for African American students who wish to pursue a degree in Hotel Management and tourism sector generally.


There you have it! The 21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students. We are constantly updating the list, so you can always check back to see if there are any newer addition to the list.

If you are a minority college student looking forward to making a difference in terms of your grants and scholarship opportunities, this is a great chance for you. The African American Grants’ team has compiled the list to help you track the grants and scholarships that you can apply for.

We hope that you are able to find one or more grants that you can apply for right away, and then some more. Have you applied to any of these grants yet? If you have and won an award or two, what are your recommendations that you would like to share with others who may be looking for the same resources and opportunities?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

21 Comprehensive List of African American Grants and Scholarships for College Students