There are numerous reasons most women drop out of school and it could be due to unwanted pregnancy, it could be the overwhelming responsibility of raising children, or due to other financial reasons. As a result, some organizations specifically make available scholarships for women who are planning in returning to school.

Women of all ages can apply for various scholarships to help cater for their education. A FAFSA can be used to see if you are eligible for the scholarship. You may obtain some or all the money you require to complete your college ton order to secure a good job in the future.

Scholarships for Women Returning to School

  1. Society of Women Engineers Scholarships

The scholarships are established to aid women enrolling in graduate or undergraduate programs. SWE Scholarships provide financial assistance to women who want to study in ABET-accredited undergraduate or graduate programs to prepare for professions in engineering or engineering technology, and other engineering-related fields around the world. SWE awarded 330 new and renewable scholarships worth more than $1,700,000 in 2023.

In India, SWE currently provides scholarships that aim at assisting female students who identify as such and are studying degrees in engineering or engineering technology, and other similar professions in Tamil Nadu or Maharashtra that are approved by the Washington Accord.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must prepare for careers in engineering or engineering technology and other fields allied to engineering around the world. You must be a woman and enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program that has been granted ABET accreditation.

Step on How to Apply;

Applicants are required to submit a single application for all SWE section order to be considered for all they are qualified for.

  1. Emerge Scholarships

In the spring of 2002, Emerge Scholarships received 501(c)(3) status, and it was established in 2001. This provides support to qualified Georgian women who have proven a strong dedication to achieving their educational objectives and who are giving back to their communities.

Women are able to live their aspirations and bring about change in the world because of the scholarships that are given. We seek applicants for our scholarships who have realized the importance of education in achieving their life objectives.

We know that educating a woman, educates her family as well. These women and their families will make a positive impact on their different communities.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Candidates for this scholarship must be Georgia residents at the time of application. It is necessary to provide residency documentation, and candidates must have proof of acceptance into a study program at a university (either an acceptance letter OR a current school transcript).
  • At the time of the application’s postmark, applicants must be at least 25 years old. All applicants shall be taken into consideration regardless of their race, color, religion, country of origin, and/or physical disability.
  • Candidates must submit the completed application form, along with the required essay, by mail to the address specified. A single packet must contain the applicant’s complete application, signed proof of residency, and letter of program admission or most recent transcripts. Letters of recommendation can be sent separately to the specified address. The applicant’s name and email address must be included in all documents pertaining to the application.
  • All required information must be gathered and submitted by applicants. All questions should be completed because the information will be used to evaluate applications. Note that applications with gaps won’t be taken into account.
Steps on How to Apply

To apply, you are expected to fill up the application form online and make available the following;

  • Georgia residence documentation, such as a driver’s license or other official documents
  • proof of current university or college admittance
  • A copy of a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, student ID, etc.
  • Current transcript
  • Signed authorization form
  • Current passport photograph.
  1. Possible Woman Foundation International

Stay-at-home mothers seeking to reenter the workforce have occasionally been among the women who have returned to school.

These ladies may be eligible for a $2,000 to $5,000 PWF scholarship. They offer scholarships to future leaders of women who choose to work in non-traditional fields, in order to introduce them to role models and trailblazers in these demanding and varied professions.

Linda Wind served as the president of possible woman enterprises, a company dedicated to the professional and personal growth of working mothers and women in business and executive positions.

She established PWF International, a non-profit organization with the 501(c)(3) designation whose goal is to improve the lives of women and girls around the world by fostering inclusive and collaborative leadership, integrity, and lifelong learning.

Eligibility Requirements
  • You must be a woman who is out of school but has the intention to go back to school
  • A future leader of women who choose to work in non-traditional fields.
Steps on How to Apply

You are required to fill out the application form online and submit all the necessary documents.

  1. American Association of University Women Career Development Grants

When most women obtain a bachelor’s degree, they usually find themselves overwhelmed by life. These ladies may be eligible for career development grants from the American Association of University Women, which range from $2,000 to $12,000.

The funding is used to complete a second bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or specialized training in a professional or technical sector. It may also be applied to a distance learning program.

One of the greatest scholarship programs for women in the world, AAUW has given more than $135 million in fellowships and scholarships to more than 13,000 academics and organizations in 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and 150 other countries.

Eligibility Requirements

These grants are intended for women who are reentering the workforce and seeking career advancement or career change. Women of color, those obtaining credentials in non-traditional sectors, and those pursuing their first graduate degree are all given special consideration.

Steps on How to Apply

Fill out the application form online and submit all the required documents.

  1. Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST)

Adults who are struggling financially or socially, and want to change their circumstances through education are eligible for this scholarship. To find eligible candidates, local chapters collaborate with educational institutions and social assistance organizations.

Prior to applying, students must compete at the local chapter level. Winners at the chapter level are submitted to the corporate level for a chance to be chosen for an additional award of between $2,000 and $10,000.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be recognized and recommended by your local chapter.

Step on How to Apply

Once the portal is open, applicants would be informed to fill out the application online.

  1. Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

The scholarship enables those who are a part of the legion family to continue their education after a break in their studies.

Per the auxiliary geographic section, one $2,000 scholarship is given each year. The applicant must be pursuing education in a two- or four-year degree program, as well as training in a certification, trade, professional, or technical program.

Eligibility Requirements
  • The applicant must belong to the American legion, its auxiliary, or American legion sons
  • For the two years prior to the application year, dues must have been paid
  • The applicant must be pursuing training in a two- or four-year degree program; a trade, a professional, or a technical program.
Step on How to Apply

The application for this scholarship is done online from their official website.

  1. P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education (PCE)

When a woman’s education was interrupted and she realized she needed to go back to school to support herself, the program for continuing education was created in 1973 to offer need-based grants to women in the United States or Canada.

The P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education (PCE) is designed to give women who are citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States or Canada one-time need-based grants to utilize for finishing a degree or certification required for developing or gaining skills leading to employment.

The top grant is $3,000 in total. Based on available money in the grant budget for the current year and applicants’ specific requirements, and smaller sums may be given.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be a citizen or a legitimate permanent resident of Canada or the United States
  • Has not yet obtained a master’s degree; is enrolled in a certification or degree program at a recognized institution
  • Is the full study program spent residing in the United States or Canada
  • Has not been enrolled in school for at least 24 months in a row, at some point in her adulthood; her program is set to end in 18 months
  • Must be enrolled in a course of study that, upon completion, will result in employment or promotion.
Step on How to Apply

The application for this scholarship is done online from their official website.

  1. Business and Professional Women of Louisiana Scholarship Fund

The Agnes Morris Education Loan was the forerunner of the LA Federation BPW scholarship fund, which is sponsored and funded by BPW/LA. For women who are 25 years of age or older, this grant is for continued education. This scholarship’s winner must be a BPW/LA member.

The scholarship can be applied to a recognized educational program at an accredited university, college, or technical college as well as to coursework that has been shown to lead to a license or career promotion. Note that 6 or more hours must be completed each semester or quarter by the student.

Eligibility Requirement

Each quarter or semester, the student must finish at least 6 hours. The scholarship will be canceled if this condition is broken.

Step on How to Apply

Kindly fill out the scholarship application after downloading it. The LO president and LO treasurer must complete and sign the component of the scholarship application. The state president and treasurer must sign the application if the applicant is a member-at-large (who also verifies membership).

If the applicant has not attended a higher education institution (technical college, online college, or university), she must send a certified copy of her high school transcript(s). Transcripts from the applicant’s higher education institution (technical college, online college, or university) may be used in place of the transcripts from their high school.

On the scholarship application form, the candidate must list her results from her admission tests for high school, college, and university. Three (3) letters of recommendation or reference from individuals who are not related to the applicant must be sent together with the scholarship application.

All papers for scholarship applications should be mailed to:

Linda D. Burns

1424 Evangeline Road

Glenmora, LA 71433

Phone: 318-748-7603

  1. The Kris Paper Legacy Scholarship

The scholarship for women in technology is available to female high school seniors who are graduating, as well as women who are re-entering a two-year, four-year, or technical institute.

To be eligible for this, candidates must be residents of the greater Kansas City area, have a minimum GPA of 3.2, and be pursuing a degree in technology.

Applicants should be ready to explain why they choose their field of study, and why they are a suitable fit for the scholarship when submitting their applications. A minimum of $1,500 per year must be paid to the educational institution in two equal installments in August and January.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be graduating female seniors or returning female college students from the greater Kansas City area in order to qualify for financial aid. They must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 (the degree of course difficulty will be taken into account) and be a regular attendee of their classes. Community service and financial needs will be taken into account as well.

Step on How to Apply

The application for this scholarship is done online from their official website.

  1. ANSWER Scholarship Endowment

In two South Carolina counties and nine North Carolina counties, ANSWER is an organization that awards scholarships to moms. The mentors for mom program, which conducts monthly sessions on professional and career development, is a requirement for award recipients.

Recipients must keep a GPA of at least 2.5, and applicants who need financial assistance, exhibit the potential for academic accomplishment, are single parents, and have “high moral character” are given precedence by ANSWER.

Eligibility Requirements

The ANSWER scholarship endowment is designed for mothers parenting school-age children and pursuing their first college degree who are at least 25 years old.

Step on How to Apply

The application for this scholarship is done online from their official website.