If you one interested in Black-owned businesses and are not sure to look, this complete guide will help guide you in the right direction. This article will act as a guide to help you understand what qualifies as a Black-owned business, how to source, apply, and get approved for grants to start your Black-owned business.

Recent studies have shown that the racial funding gap between Black-owned businesses still functions at a disproportionately lower rate compared to their business counterparts when it comes to financing. Black-Owned businesses, due to the lack of access to funding options, have had to come up with other creative ways of raising funds from out of pocket, family assistance to saving up to start their own businesses.

Indeed, the thought of venturing into Black-Owned businesses can be quite challenging for most people, particularly for those who are just starting out in the business world, not to mention those who are still in the planning stages and simply looking around to find grant options to get started.

Not to mention the added challenges of adding the additional funding concerns that a lot of Black-business owners and entrepreneurs have to go through starting their own businesses. Choosing what grant to apply for can be quite challenging for many small business owners, the reason being that there are too many available grants to choose from.

As a result, finding ways to navigate through the complexities of these grants can become confusing.

Starting Black Owned Businesses

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

The first step to getting awarded the grant you need for your business is to have one ready.

Most grant-issuing agencies have a set of guidelines and expectations, better known as grant-eligibility criteria that they want you to meet for you to qualify for their grants. One of those requirements could be connected to you having a registered business, business partnership, or some sort of business license as proof.

Other times, these requirements could be as simple as having a detailed business plan, a grant proposal, or an official letter of intent stating your grant plans and objectives. Having these could go a long way in helping you stay away from a long-drawn back and forth that could be easily avoided.

Now that you have the aforementioned requirements checked, the next step of starting any black-owned business would be to ensure you have adequate funding to support your business. This stage is very important in ensuring that you stay on top of your business costs, expenses, expenditure, and budgeting.

When you have completed these steps. Then finding and applying for grants for your small business is the next phase of your grant journey. We have listed grants that are typically offered to new Black-Owned businesses to help them thrive and grow in their chosen business line.

Black Owned Restaurants Near Me

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

If you are in a rush, taking care of business, and would like to know where to find Black-owned restaurants around you, then a simple “Black-owned restaurants near me” can help you find what you’re looking for. We have compiled a list of Black-owned restaurants in our Black-owned business directory to help you get the very best of African-American cuisine near you.

When you have found the ideal Black-owned restaurant to eat it, the support can extend to the community in many ways than one. We are going to keep enlarging this current list. Therefore, if you run a Black-owned business, then you want to list your services with AAG grant and business forum, where 275,000 other Black-owned businesses are listed.

The Good Jerkey

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

If you are looking for that sumptuous, deliciously healthy seafood snack, then think — The Good Jerky. This is a progressive startup company that is committed to creating healthy, premium seafood options. This company is committed to providing highly nutritional, tasty, and fulfilling snacks.

The Good Jerky currently has several options for your choice of flavors. Trout jerky with more on the way. The company does jerkies in a well packaged with high protein, omega-3s, and one-third the saturated fat of beef jerky, as well as being a rich source of brain-building Selenium and Vitamins.

Website: https://www.thegoodjerky.com

Phone: 877-214-5692

Address:3789 N Beach St Ste 209, Fort Worth

ZIP Code: 98281.

IV Purpose

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

Food & Beverages:

IV Purpose is a chic, sports restaurant where these things are guaranteed: Good food, specialty drinks, and great service.

Website: https://ivpurposebk.com

Phone: (718) 734-1489

1489 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Motherland Cooking Xperience

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

Here’s yet another excellent Black-owned restaurant you need to experience. Motherland Cooking Xperience was founded with the aim of providing a platform for immigrants with ties to Africa to showcase their talent, through food, music, art, and storytelling in an effort to bridge the cultural gap between African immigrants, their families, and their communities of residence.

The Motherland Cooking Xperience gives you a plethora of options when it comes to getting that authentic Black-owned business that specializes in the uniqueness of their presentation. This is definitely one restaurant that you should try out. We have listed all of their details below. For vendors, truck owners, and restaurant owners looking for Black owned restaurants near me, you can find what you are looking for on our Black-owned business directory.

Website: https://www.motherlandcookingxperience.com

Phone: (616) 6744-5527

Address:6990 Crystal View Dr. SE

Black Owned Shops Near Me 

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

Black-owned shops near me is a term that is often searched for when it comes to finding Black-owned shops that specialize in different products and services that you can patronize. We at AfricanAmericanGrants.org have compiled some of the Black-owned stores listed on our forum. If you would like your business listed on our Black-owned business directory for free, click here.

Supporting Black businesses definitely do a lot of good, especially helping grow financially and economically disadvantaged communities that are struggling to maintain their businesses. The patronage that Black-owned businesses get can also be extended in many ways to help families who depend largely on the revenue from these small minority-owned businesses.

The patronage extended to Black-owned businesses put bread on the table of not just the family members, but to the community at large. The process of finding Black-owned restaurants near me, opened right now may involve some sort of search, however, it is one that is worth the investment of time and effort.

If you already run a Black-owned business and it’s listed on our forum, then you should check out this $200,000 grant for Black businesses to help grow your business. There are diverse grants for Black-owned businesses, but knowing how to navigate through all of the complexities of grant writing and proposals to find the grants that you need.

1. Solo Beauty Supply

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

Solo Beauty Supply is another excellent Black-owned beauty shop that you should experience. This Black-Owned Beauty shop provides beauty supplies from hair to skincare products for both women and men in the Chicago area. This Black-owned beauty has grown from a single store to having multiple locations.

If you are in the area, and searching for black owned nail salons near me for VIP treatment, then think Solo Beauty Supply. The environment is very welcoming and very exquisite. The store also ensures that you feel appreciated for your patronage. If you have a storefront, and online business or home-based business, you can also list your Black-owned business on our Black-owned business directory for free. We have included all their information below. If you do make it to the store, let them know that AAG sent you.

Website: https://www.solobeautysupply.com

Phone: 773-855-9003

Address: 8158 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Chicago, IL

ZIP Code: 60619

2. SRB Botanica Beauty

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

SRB Botanica Salon is yet another Black-owned business that is largely focused on providing high-value botanical skin and hair care products straight from Mama Nature. This shop has all the skincare products that are great for your skin. The products are natural and you have a vast line of options to choose products for your skin type.

The Black-owned SRB Botanica Salon also provides skin care services that can help propel you to your goal. We have provided direct information for contacting Botanical skin and hair care products straight from Mama Nature, as they are known for. Check out their line of products and get you and that special person in your life, some unique beauty products.

Website: https://SRBbotanica.com

Address:Chicago,IL 60639

3. Bluffajo Cosmetics Aesthetician

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

Bluffajo Cosmetics Aesthetician is another Black-owned business you want to experience that unique, superb black owned nail salons near me can save you time. Furthermore, it can also help you understand the world of utmost service delivery. This is something that you can be rest assured you will get a great experience from.

The booking system is an easy one you can navigate to quite easily. We are also going to be providing direct links to these individuals who would like to connect with the stories of these great and inspirational Black-owned businesses rocking glowing skin naturally.

Black-Owned Business Grants

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

There are grants available for Black-owned construction businesses, grants for Black-owned restaurants and food trucks, grants for Black-owned residential care homes, and much more. However, knowing how to navigate the complexities of the grant search can help you know how to start applying for the ultimate list of 41 grants for African Americans starting out.

Simply going online to source grants may not work for everyone, as many would prefer simply reaching for a book like the 50 lists of latest grants for African Americans, and getting their grant inspiration from there. Others may opt for speaking with a knowledgeable grant expert who can help guide them through the full grant application process all the way to their grant approvals.

Whatever route you choose to go, finding the grants that you desire can always signal a sense of relief. However, getting to that point requires a lot of work on your side. It is not enough to simply query in your business niche, hoping that a simple online search such as finding black-owned nail salons near me can make all the difference.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of grants for Black-owned businesses below by business interest. Find the grants that are tailored for your type of business and apply right away. Grants are typically time-sensitive, and as such, you want to make sure you apply for these grants as soon as possible. Applying for grants on time can give you ample time to prepare for any additional documentation that may be required for you to proceed with your application.

1. Amber Grants

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

We are starting off with the Amber grant. This is a great grant to start your journey of grant writing, application, and submissions with. The Amber Grant is largely focused on supporting Black and other minority women who are just starting out on their business journey. The Amber grant provides financial support to help women stand on their feet, mentorship to help guide and direct them on growing their businesses successfully.

The Amber Grant is a yearly funding program that has produced hundreds of thousands of recipients. You can be one of them too by simply applying today. The application process is a simple one that requires information about your business, your goals, and your mission to succeed. The Amber grant can definitely help you make your business dream become a reality.

2. The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants just as the name clearly states, is an organization that is focused on helping self-employed entrepreneurs access grants for their businesses. The NASE grant program is yet another great and engaging grant program that provides more than just grant funding for businesses.

The NASE program provides mentorship and business development programs for those who are registered on their platform. The grant program also provides some form of feedback for those who are just starting their business journey. Access to funding can be a barrier for many businesses, this gap is what the NASE program aims to fill.

The NASE grant program also provides helpful informational services to new business owners and those who are invested in learning about the programs that they offer. The grant program is one that also incorporates different aspects of business development to help Black-Owned businesses thrive.

3. Minority Business Development Agency Grants

Latest Grants for Black-Owned Businesses (The Complete Guide)

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) grants for Black-owned businesses can be easily accessed and applied for online. The application process has also been simplified in ways that you could use the funding for diverse purposes to start a business or grow an existing one.

The MBDA grant program also extends its other services that can help build your business development capacity. The startup programs that have applied for previous programs can apply for this grant too. The process may require some vital information about your business, and your plans for the grant funding.


If you are a new business owner and grants have been an issue. Now you can find grants that you need to get your business started. If you have any concerns accessing these grants, you can schedule a consultation with African American Grants expert team, who can help guide you through the application process.

We have lots of free resources on our website that can help you get access to more grant opportunities. From our grant and business forum to our free Black-owned business directory to our free grant eligibility criteria check. We hope you can take advantage of these free resources to help grow your business today.