If you are at home and you are wondering what side hustle can help you earn an extra coin, then this article will take you in the right direction. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a stay at home parent or person with health issues that may limit you to walk in to your workplace, still you can make money at the comfort of your home without leaving the house.

Most of the side hustles that one can do from home may not require any experience but knowledge of the internet and computer. This means that the amount you will earn at the start of your journey may not be the same as what you will earn in the near future. You are expected to keep learning as you grow. So for one to start these side hustles you need just a laptop, phone, and stable internet. Below are the major industries that you can work with in order to earn some extra cash;


From the word assistant it simply means helping in managing office accounts such as email accounts, doing research on behalf of the company, filing contents and even doing meetings schedule. Virtual assistant’s (VA) duties differs from one office to another depending on kind of the services the company is offering. Generally in this field one is able to earn between $20 and $45 per hour. Joining this club is as easy as approaching upwork to get you started. Another option is by creating your own website to help you market your services in order to reach more entrepreneurs that might be interested in your services. Creating your own wix or website make it easy for business persons to find you.


If you own some of the social media accounts like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc then it means you spent some of your time checking on them. So why don’t you change this time you spent on social media into money. There are many business persons that are very busy that they can’t find time to keep their clients posted hence looking for people who can act on their behalf. You can do this at the comfort your home as well as at your own scheduled time. Doing marketing in social media can earn you between $15 and $75 per hour.

Here you are required to have social media tools like Hootsuite or buffer, of course, a computer and stable internet is essential. For you to get started, Upwork or Cloud Peeps are the best sites to help you alternatively, you can pitch some of the business people that might be interested in your services.


This is meant for people who can write without lacking words. The kind of interesting things to write on are; Newsletters, News, Blog posts, products information, Email campaigns and Website copy. Freelance can earn you a good money and make you to be on a full time job sometimes. To achieve this you need a stable internet as well as a computer with writing tool like Microsoft word or Google docs. In this case you can earn between $10 and $60 depending on speed and number of articles you are capable of doing. Getting started is just by creating your portfolio using wordpress, weebly or wix to present your ability. Sites like fiverr or upwork are the best platforms to perform your work. Make sure that you follow editors on social media to learn more from them as you send them the best of services.

If you have skills in the media and communication and especially in the field of news and feature production, then freelance writing is the best side hustle for you.


Graphic design is a tool that is on high demand in the current Visual-based culture. If you have these skills then it’s your time to turn it into money. There are many tools that are in need of graphic design. These include; Logos, Newsletters, Flyers, Social media posts and Advertisements. Doing Graphic design can be done at home at own created time by working to various groups like working to the business persons or even to non-profit organizations. The essential tools here are computer, good internet and Graphic design programs such as Photoshop or InDesign. You are required to create free website using wix, wordpress or weebly to market your services. At upwork or Fiverr are the sites to help you find clients to start working with. Here you are given an opportunity to earn good amount that is between $11.28 and $27.01 per hour.


If you can do typing very quickly and you have a good ear, then transcription is for you. Transcription work is the process of listening to audio text and converting it to written text. You should be able to type fast and accuracy depending on whether you are transcribing video or business podcast content, business meetings etc. No any experience needed but you should be able to learn every now and then in order to increase your earnings.

For you to get started then make sure you have your own computer, stable internet, skills in typing at a faster rate a quality working headphones or earphones. This will help you get the audio text clear. Make an approach to either Upwork, Fiverr, Rev or Freelancer you might know to help you start your journey of transcription. The amount that a beginner can earn ranges between $9.69 and $25.10 per hour. This amount changes as you keep on working and improving your services.

Finally, having listed the top side hustles that can help you an extra coin at the comfort of your home, it’s advisable that you make a wise decision in choosing a side hustle to engage in. Try to relate your skills to a side hustle of your choice so that you will be able to grow faster and make good money in the near future. Landing in the wrong side hustle may cost you a lot as well as getting stuck.