An entrepreneur in 2021 is an individual who goes into a venture that is around an innovation or an enterprise a business as the case may be. Entrepreneurs are in charge of the business and take responsibility of the the risk for its success.

The definition of an entrepreneur is not a one size fit all situation. As a matter of fact, to better understand what an entrepreneur or entrepreneurship really is, we would need to start from learning and understanding the different types of entrepreneurs, what are they? What do they do? How do you recognize them?

Who Is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is the individual that assumes all personal risk they take on when it comes to pursuing of a new business, launching a startup, or starting an innovative venture, or some other form of enterprise in one space or the other. Entrepreneurs take the responsibility of their venture, and as such, significantly benefit from their ventures.

There have been some talks about the concept of entrepreneurship, what it represents in today’s world in 2021. Some have simplified an entrepreneur as someone who works for themself, while others have added some more details to include includes anyone who works for themself, but the work has to have some form of innovative ideals, leadership or setting a pace in a a different direction as it were.

Entrepreneurs and the Economy

Entrepreneurs contribute largely to the nation’s economy. The individuals who have taken on the path of entrepreneurship help grow the economy through their consistent contribution to innovation. Though there are countless challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, the benefits are plenty.

Entrepreneurs venture into areas that may otherwise be left unexplored. The economic impact that all of their ventures can have are very laudable Entrepreneurs go all out to make a difference in areas that they have chosen to build their enterprise.

How to Become an Entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a day’s job! There are steps that you have to take to be able to assume the role of an entrepreneur. You may wonder, what does entrepreneur mean? You are definitely not alone! An entrepreneur may mean several things to several people, but learning to become a full-fledged entrepreneur comes with its many challenges.

First and foremost, you have to find your niche. This can be in any industry of your choice, something that you are passionate about and would like to explore some more. Once you have located what your area of expertise is, then you can proceed to creating a product or services that can be aligned with your dreams of making an impact through what you offer. The list below can help guide you into becoming an entrepreneur:

  • Find your Niche – This is your area of specialization
  • Write a Business plan – Having one is essential to growing your brand
  • Build a Community – You need people to support your dreams
  • Fund your program – There are grants for entrepreneurs that you can utilize for this
  • Grow your enterprise – This is a continuous process

How do Entrepreneurs Make Money?

You may have questions as to how entrepreneurs make money in 2021? Here’s how :

  • Creating product that solve problems – Entrepreneurs look for needs in their communities and they tend to create products and services to meet those needs.
  • Using social media for advertising – This is one way that entrepreneurs make money — advertising through social media
  • Creating a buzz around their brand – This helps other learn about the product
  • Apply for Grants — This is another way entrepreneur make money
  • Sale of their products and services – The revenue of the sales of their products and services account for their revenue.

There are several other ways that entrepreneurs make money, but one of such ways that can definitely make the most impact is having venture capitalists believe in you and invest in your enterprise. You could also choose to find partnerships that work for your you and your enterprise.


You can succeed as an entrepreneur if you put in the work! Though there are a countless challenges that you are bound to encounter on your way to making your mark, but it is very doable regardless. Entrepreneurship comes with a certain level of tenacity, and when you can find your place in all of the other voices that seem like they are intended to drown you, then you have found yourself!

Taking that first step, and reaching out to make connections can come handy. It can get quite lonely on entrepreneurial lane, but knowing how to combine your drive for success, your motivation to help others, and your push for a change to help better the lives of those around you can be a winning recipe. All you need to remember is this one thing, if you think you can make it happen as an entrepreneur, you can make it come true if you work hard enough to make it so.