If you have ever wondered about black owned salons near me, or you happen to have a beauty salon business, you already know how important finding grants for your business is. The process for finding and receiving grant funding to start a salon business may appear quite tedious for new business owners, but the process can be simplified and made even more accessible.

AfricanAmericanGrants.org is committed to creating access to business funding for new business owners who are looking for grants to help grow their businesses. We hope that the listed grants below can help you find the necessary funding to take your dream business to an establishment that is profitable and scalable.

Grants for African Americans abound in whatever business line you may find yourself. From grants for starting a restaurant or food truck business to grants to start a group home or care facility to grants for acquiring a franchise. However, knowing just how to navigate through the complexities of factors that one may have to sieve through can be challenging for many. This is exactly what we at AAG are trying to change. If you find that you are having a hard time accessing a grant that you are interested in, it is always a great idea to connect with a grant expert that can help guide you through the grant process.

We are starting this grant process with the $200,000 Salon Give Back program for salon owners to access grant funding up to $10,000 per applicant to help grow their salons. The grant initiative is an extension of the hair care brands’ commitment to support and encourage Black women through entrepreneurship.

Pantene and Royal Oils $200,000 Grant Program

0,000 Royal Grants for Black-Owned Beauty Salons

This grant program provides 20 Black female salon owners and/or stylists grants in the amount of $10,000 per applicant. The grant is to help encourage salon owners to be self-sufficient, and also extend their services to grow their businesses. The grant program can be used for a variety of purposes provided that it is utilized to help grow your business. Applications are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. You are encouraged to apply for these grants as soon as you possibly can. Please be aware that this grant program is offered on a rolling basis.

For those who may be interested in grants in other business areas, check out the list of 41 grants for African Americans that you can apply for right now. Whatever business idea you may have or business you currently run, there’s a grant for you. The process for applying for the grant has been made accessible for new applicants and those who have experience with applying for grants.

Black Nail Salon Atlanta

0,000 Royal Grants for Black-Owned Beauty Salons

Black-owned nail salons located in Atlanta can access grant opportunities that are listed in our grant database. The process of applying for the limited available grants for nail salons in Atlanta is not different from the regular process for applying for other grants in diverse areas such as grants for community beauty and personal development. If you are interested in finding other grants in other areas for Georgia residents, click here.

For other entrepreneurs who are interested in finding grants for black owned nail salons Brooklyn or black owned nail salons in Chicago  or perhaps your interest is in finding black owned nail salon Houston, or even Black owned restaurants near me, whatever the case may be, we have you covered. We have grants for different locations and businesses listed on our grant pages. If you need help navigating through the grants on our website, scheduling a grant consultation can help guide you through the entire process.

How to Apply for Black-owned Business Grants

0,000 Royal Grants for Black-Owned Beauty Salons

If you are new to the world of grant applications, you may need some initial orientation and guidance to help you navigate the complexities attached to grant applications. From finding the ideal grants to learning about grant-issuing agencies, business partnerships, and angel investors. One way to simplify the process is connecting with a grant expert that can help point you in the right direction when it comes to accessing grants for your business.