The award is given to applicants in USA, Canada or international psychologist to recognize outstanding research addressing mental illness.

The selected candidates must have affiliation with an accredited college or university or other research related institutions. Applicants must as well be working in a serious mental illness environment, including but not limited to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and paranoia (delusional disorder).

This American Psychological Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals in research fields and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate serious condition to humans and advance it in generation to come. The award goals are as follows:

  • To encourage the psychologist to take leadership role in areas of serious mental illness.
  • Motivate the training of future psychologists in order to become better leaders in this field.
  • To better the understanding and treatment for those who are affected with such serious illness.


To be considered for the award the candidate should;

  • Demonstrate excellence of the full breadth of research conducted and published to date, ongoing research productivity and influence on a future generation of researchers.
  • Have a doctorate degree in related research field of serious mental illness.
  • Have engage in training and development of various investigations in junior stage.
  • Be affiliated with recognized college, university or other related research institution.

Application process

Nomination materials to be submitted online by 11.45 p.m. HST on Monday may 1. Note that self-nominations are also accepted.

Grant size: $20,000

Number of grants: 1

Type of agency: foundation/ corporation

Deadline: 05/01/22

Geographical areas: USA, Canada, Israel and other international countries

Contacts: review the funding source through the following link before starting your application

Email at


American Psychological Foundation

750 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 2000-4242.