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Auburn University Grant

The University of Auburn has received a grant worth $10 million from The National Science Foundation to offer support to students with disabilities. It is a 5-year initiative for persons with disabilities who express interest in pursuing courses related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with the hope that it will make a transition and positive impact on their lives now and in the future.

The initiative has been divided into different hubs that include:

  • Northern Arizona University (Mountain HUB)
  • The Ohio State University (Northern Hub)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (Islands Hub)
  • University of Missouri- Kansas city (Midwest Hub)
  • The university of Washington (West Coast Hub)


. One to receive financial support throughout the program

. There are opportunities for more research

. Availability of peer and faculty mentoring


  • Increase the number of students with disabilities to complete their studies whether associate, undergraduate or graduate in STEM.
  • Simplifies the work of students with disabilities in search of jobs after their graduation
  • To better communication between governments, industries, national labs, local communities among Universities in addressing issues related to students with disabilities working within the STEM disciplines.