2023 Young Innovation Leaders Fellowship West Africa

Deadline: 30-Apr-21
The Young Innovation Leaders (YIL) Fellowship (formerly known as The HELP Fellowship) is a platform created by Hutzpa Centre for Innovation and Development — a social enterprise aimed at promoting innovation across sectors in Africa. The Y.I.L Fellows have access to life-long mentorship and resources for growth. While, the government has a more active role in creating “the platforms of excellence”, they position ourselves to inspire that. The goal in the Y.I.L Fellowship is to create a system to scale up excellence. To achieve this, they set out to identify “the seeds of excellence” – young individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performances in their endeavors. The platform is designed to inspire them on how to get to more without settling for less.
The vision is to create the largest platform for innovation leadership in the world.
mission is to raise excellent leaders who can inspire, initiate, manage, and lead innovation in their spheres.

Learn how to create innovations from the experts
Participate in the capstone projects
Participate in the mentorship programme
Gain Innovation Management certification
Build a great network with talented young professionals across the globe
Access to full scholarship
Rigorous multi-stage selection process

Selection Criteria
The YIL Fellowship has the following details for selection:

Applicants must be within 5 years of graduation from higher institutions
Applicants should have a track record of academic excellence
Prior work experience is not relevant
It is a multistage rigorous selection process
Applicants must be between 20-30 years of age
Applicants should have a hard skill

For more information, visit Hutzpa Centre for Innovation and Development.
For more information, visit https://www.younginnovationleaders.org/apply/