Are you new to grant applications? Brand-new business, nonprofit? Need a refresher? Make the most of your time & money!
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Our annual funding training is here!!! The AAG funding training gives you the skills and knowledge you need to roll into the funding process. We’ll get all the essential funding skills that give you key concepts, practical methods, and examples, all at your fingertips!
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Class is limited to only 49 people—get personal guidance from your funding trainer while connecting with colleagues. With decades of funding experience, your trainer is an expert who truly cares about your success. Rest easy about the technology—it’s handled by your classroom facilitator so you, your trainer, and colleagues can focus on the content.

Fast-paced with presentations, discussion, and real-life exercises, you’ll be so engaged there’s no temptation to check your phone. You’re busy developing the core parts of a proposal for your own business and organization, so you can be ready to polish and submit to a funder!

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