So you are considering starting off an online business? But the question is you don’t really know which way to turn or how exactly to begin. Well, this article is aimed at giving you a nudge in the right direction.

First and foremost, the first place to start is to know what exactly you want to offer. First, do research on what exactly people want at the moment. What are people asking for? What are the needs of the moment? There really will be no need of jumping into something that at the end of the day no one is willing to buy.


A good place to start with such an enquiry and fact finding mission is to search in groups and forums. Social media is replete with different forums and groups where you can check in and browse through discussions and questions being asked. One of such platforms is quora. Reading through random questions from people of diverse backgrounds will give you one or two ideas about what you start with.

Another idea is to carry out a keyword search to know what people are searching for and what doesn’t have too much competition and competitors offering such.

Great. So you have an idea now. You need to check up on your competitors. The idea is that a product or service already has some platforms offering it, as such you need to understudy your competition, see what and how they are operating to meet the demand, the specific type of product they are offering, and what they are not doing yet. If you look very well, the chances are that you definitely will see something they are not doing that you can capitalize on to make your offering stand out.

Develop Your Online Presence

The next thing you should consider is your online presence, be it a website or landing page. You must factor in all that you have gathered from your research into writing a sales copy that will convert any and every visitor to a buying customer. 

Pay attention to the tiny details when developing your site, remember as they say the devil is in the details. Make sure the fonts used are legible and contrast properly against the background for easy reading.Insert opt in provision so you can build a customer email database for future correspondence.

Make it easy for customers to pay for products by installing payment gateways that seamlessly affect debit card withdrawal. Ensure that your site’s look and feel are immersive and appealing.

Using Promotional Tools To Drive Customers

Various advertising tools such as Pay-per-click and Search Engine Marketing come to the fore as your first go-to tools for use as a newbie without any pool of customers yet. Use this to drive traffic to your already designed and ready-to-use webpage. From here, by the time they land and make a purchase, you turn each one to a loyal customer by the appealing and ease of usage of your website while retaining their details via your email opt-in provision. This way you begin to grow your clientele base, one individual, at a time.

Being an Authority In Your Chosen Field 

How do I do this, you might ask? Simple. Provide your customers with valuable information and tips that go beyond just what you are selling. Curate content on How-Tos, Health Tips, Tips & Tricks for your customers that will impact their knowledge and set you apart as an authority in that particular field. By doing this, you will begin to build a healthy list of loyal customers who know you fit what you offer. Distribute these contents via your social media handles.

Maximizing The Potential of Social Media

A core part of startup marketing options should be social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For one, they are free at least for a start until you start engaging in promotional ads and the likes. But for a start, maximize the opportunities inherent in having an official social media page. 

Get your immediate circle of influence to like your official social media handles. Don’t just open social media handles. Ensure you keep your followers engaged daily with photos, videos and links to your blog articles on your website. A consistency in doing this will see your audience grow slowly but surely.

Step On On The Use of Your Email List

By this time, your email list must have been growing, this is now the time to maximize your email list by constantly engaging them with relevant content. Remember the keyword here is relevant. Do not spam. Too much of anything is not good, and the last thing you want to do is get your loyal followers tired tongue point that they begin to opt-out. Offer products that are related to what they initially purchase, send out coupons for a rebate just to keep your customers returning for the next purchase as soon as possible.


There you have it! Starting an online business may appear quite daunting for many, but knowing how to go about starting one can be quite helpful in many ways. In your quest to start your online business, ensure you focus on what you are good at, and take it from there. As you consistently do these, the online business you would soon realize will be off to be a multi-million dollar business.