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What Is Stash Stock Party?

Stash was established in 2015 to help everyday Americans create access and build wealth. Stash is a digital wealth information and resources platform focusing on investors investing and managing their funds to help them with their financial growth. Stash has extended its programs over the years, creating more funding opportunities on its platform. Stash’s goal is mainly to educate users on diverse investment and funding portfolios to help any new investor get started on the path of investing.

Stash is invested in ensuring that investment options and funding opportunities are put together in ways that can be easily accessible on their website. The process is also made possible through expanding their services on the website and applications. New investors who are registered on the platform can start by selecting investments that can be fully automated, which is an excellent option for investors.

Stash Company Overview

Account Opening MinimumYou can start with $0 but need $5 to invest in Smart Portfolio
Stash FeesA monthly subscription starts at $3 and $9
Investment SettingRetirement Options, Wealth Building, Raining Days, and more
Interest Paid on Cash Balances0%
Financial Advisor AvailableNo
Cash ManagementBanking, Stock-Back Card, Early Payday
Mobile AppiOS/Android
Customer ServiceAccessible via Chat, Phone, Email, M-F 8:30 am – 6:30 pm EST
Referral No
Outside the U.S.No
Tax-Loss OptionsNo
Stash Account Sync/ConsolidationNo
Consolidation OptionsNo

Account Setup

What Is Stash Stock Party?

Stash makes the account signup process simple. As you begin onboarding, you’ll enter personal information and have the opportunity to select the first stock you’d like to invest in from a menu. You also have the flexibility to save the investment selection until later in the process. Stash provides six options when selecting goals: retirement, budgeting, saving for the unexpected, building wealth, earning stock rewards, and financial advice.

Once goals are selected, you’ll be prompted to pick the subscription plan and add a credit card to enroll.

The account setup takes a few minutes to get you signed up. The website is relatively easy to navigate, and you can start by exploring the dashboard and acclimate yourself to the available programs.

Exploring Your Portfolio Management

What Is Stash Stock Party?

Stash’s system of investing is unique in many ways than one. Stash creates a system that leaves the diverse funding options when it comes to creating the effective portfolio management and growth strategies that you need to have things set up for you.

Stash also provided different levels of access to automatic funding option rebalancing programs that can be utilized in ways that will hava e significant effect on your money. If you utilize Stash in ways that can help you create access to wealth creation and opportunities that you need, then creating what you need can help you make all the difference in making the right decisions.

Stash’s Management Overview

Rebalancing Options Deposits, Withdrawals with Smart Portfolios
Reporting FeaturesStatements, Performance, and Productivity Options
External Re-harvesting OptionNo
External Account Re-investingNo

The Bottom Line

Stash definitely has lots of funding and investment options that can help change your different funding and investing options. Learning how to navigate the challenges that come with taking your time to start your goal of creating wealth by leveraging the information that you need today. Before you make that decision of investing in Stash, know your numbers and ensure you have all the right information to get started to grow your wealth.