The Merchant Maverick Opportunity Grant program for Restaurants in 2023 is here again. If you were not opportune to apply for the $100K Opportunity Grants to Black female entrepreneurs that were held last year, 2023, now you can. (Check out the 2023 grant winners!)

We understand that businesses have gone through challenges with the whole pandemic situation, and the restaurants were not left out of the economic impact. To assist businesses that are struggling, or need funds to help grow their businesses, Merchant Maverick is offering a total of $100K to Americans The grant will be distributed to restaurants owners to help them with their business operations.

If you are considering starting a restaurant business or already have one, then this grant is one you want to apply for. The grant program also provides a mentorship program that can help you plan your business structure and give your very best to growing your business finances. The program is set up for both new and more experienced restaurant owners to help you take your business to greater heights.

The application process is a simple page that requires you to provide information about your restaurant business. You can also indicate if you are just planning your business and need some help as to how to structure your business so you can get things going for you. As soon as you have checked to make sure you meet the criteria, the next step is to begin the application by clicking the link below.