Women are starting businesses at a rate almost twice as many men in 2022. It is estimated that over 93% of women hold small businesses more than men, and the numbers are continually growing. With all of the opportunities for women starting their businesses opening up, the need for grants is continuously on the rise.

As a woman who is starting a business, your options are as good as your options for available funds. One great way to raise money for your business is to find grant-issuing agencies that are committed to providing grants for small businesses. One great way to start your grant search is to start from the ultimate list of 45 grants for women you can apply for today.

If you are currently employed at your regular day job, have a side hustle, or working on a home-based business, and wondering about how you can start your own business, you have come to the right place. Learning the process of starting and funding your business can be quite cumbersome, but knowing where to look to get the support you need can make all the difference.

Amber Grants for Women

Grants for Women Starting a Business in 2022

The Amber grant for women is a great choice for women starting their businesses and need grants to launch. The program is specifically tailored to women who own businesses or starting one. The program accepts application from every woman-owned businesses looking to get grants to start their business.

Getting the Amnber grant is a great start to the grant that you need to get your business going. No doubt applying and receiving the Amber grants, and any other grants for that matter can be quite competitive, however, putting in the work and all that is required for you to get the grants is definitely worth the effort.