Linktree launched the Passion Fund to commemorate the release of Commerce Links. This grant program was established to provide cash assistance to innovators, business owners, activists, or anybody who has a big dream, in order to assist them to grow.

The Passion Fund was established to assist those who have the boldness and dedication to transform their interest into a livelihood. Black-owned enterprises, together with minority-owned enterprises, are now among the fastest-growing sectors of the business and management industry.

Although all small companies face numerous challenges in getting started and staying in business, black entrepreneurs seem to encounter extra challenges by way of limited access to funding and continual marginalization. When it gets down to grant prospects, currently there are a few incredible options for black-owned enterprises.

If you fulfill the standards, this might imply several thousand dollars in free money for your company. Linktree understood the extraordinary strength of the passion economy and established a fund for black entrepreneurs to obtain funding to help them pursue their dreams.

Linktree officially unveiled Commerce Links which aims to assist 14 million creators in monetizing their passion and making their dreams come true. A sum of $250,000 USD in grant money is available for aspiring innovators, business owners, and activists.

Unlike many other founder grant programs, the Passion Fund allows winners to splurge their prize money however they deem appropriate. Proposals will be judged by a committee of innovative and entrepreneurial industry leaders. Winners will be selected for their individual stories and experiences in transforming a passion into a successful enterprise.

Eligibility Requirements for Passion Fund Grants

The Passion Fund exists to assist individuals who wish to transform their passion into a career. Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply as long as they satisfy the qualifying conditions, which include the following:

  • Become a Linktree user.
  • At the time of filing, you must be over the age of 18.
  • Live in a country that is qualified for the Passion Fund.

Criteria for Evaluating Applications for Passion Fund Grants

The selection committee will award points for how well the passion project or concept integrates the following parameters:

  • Imagination and originality: How have you employed your creativity and uniqueness to promote your passion?
  • Innovation: They would want to learn a little about how entrepreneurship connects with your passion and long-term goals.
  • Personality: With great passion comes a wonderful personality and sometimes even greater concepts. They’re interested in seeing how you’ve remained faithful to yourself and your aspiration all through the adventure, as well as what hopes you have towards your game-changing concepts and where you intend to take your passion.
  • Clear vision: Tell them about your passion’s vision and the path you would like to take.
  • Adaptability: How do you plan for major alterations in the surroundings you operate? They’d like to understand details about how your passion can grow and how you have established a viable method for monetizing it, along with what hurdles you’ve confronted and overcome.

How to Apply for Passion Fund Grants in 2022

If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, you can apply online at the grant website. Applications will be judged by a committee of innovative and entrepreneurial industry experts. When you submit your application, you will get an email verifying that they accepted it.

When forwarded, your application is absolute and cannot be changed. Each application includes a written portion, a 60-second video or audio upload, as well as the option to upload up to three additional documentations; such as a growth plan, preliminary ideas, or anything else that gives extra information.

You will not be penalized if you do not have any additional documentation. It’s just another means for them to learn more about your company. You can pull back your proposal by logging into your Submittable account and viewing your proposal; you will see a withdrawal option, which you must affirm.


This grant program is intended to support artists, activists, and business owners. LinkTree is a free service that assists you in connecting your consumers with your content. It is an excellent program that can be obtained by any person, innovator, or entrepreneur.

Square is a payment platform that enables you to accept payments online. The above two services collaborated to make this grant a reality. If you are a business owner seeking monetary assistance to get started, this grant is an excellent place to begin. The application process is very simple.