The Google Grant for Black-Owned Businesses offers non-dilutive cash grants to Black-led businesses that have taken part in its initiatives or that have been shortlisted by the Google partner community or a past recipient. The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund offers financial awards and practical-oriented support to Black business owners to allow them to develop and expand their companies.

Picked founders gain $100,000 in seed funding, as well as Google Cloud credits and hands-on assistance to help their businesses thrive. Google Inc. is a global technology enterprise based in the United States that specializes in Internet-related products and offerings. Google has been and still is an engineering firm.

They consistently employ workers with a diverse range of technical expertise who confront and solve technology’s most significant problems. Despite being among the world’s fastest-growing enterprising groups, Black founders secured just under 1% of all venture funding in 2020.

The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, set in place in 2020, has granted $16 million to aid Black-led startups to raise capital, support the community, and build profound transformation.

By leveraging their own experience and knowledge as Black founders, Google for Startups leaders Jewel Burks and André Barrence made certain that, in addition to monetary awards, Black Founders Fund beneficiaries get ongoing Google mentorship and brand support to assist them in maneuvering each phase of their business adventure.

Eligibility Requirements for Google Grants for Black-Owned Businesses in 2022

To be eligible for this grant, here are the criteria you are expected to meet:

  • This initiative is available to North American black-led technology startups.
  • The accelerator program is particularly fit for seed to series A revenue-generating North American tech startups.
  • Participating companies are expected to have a minimum of 10 employees, and the founder and appropriate team members should be willing to take part in all program components of their group. Startups must also be eager to utilize AI/ML technology in their product, service, or operations and/or express a fascination with utilizing this technology in the years ahead to guarantee Google can also provide a tangible impact.

Format and Primary Benefits of the Program

The initiative lasts 10 weeks and includes weekly virtual workshops, programming, and mentorship. As a core component of the Google for Startups Accelerator, picked entrepreneurs highlight the leading technical obstacles confronting their startup and are thereafter matched with applicable Google professionals to assist in resolving those obstacles.

Participating startups obtain intensive coaching on technical obstacles, with a focus on data science and machine learning, along with links to important Google teams. Among the many advantages are:

  • Equity-free assistance: Three months of equity-free assistance
  • Mentoring: Coaching from more than 20 Google teams
  • Training: Design, marketing, and leadership training are all available.
  • Strategic assistance: Help with business and product strategy
  • Product credit: Google product credits for your technology stack
  • Priority access: Slightly earlier access to new Google tools and products
  • Expertise is available: Connect to Google’s industry specialists’ network
  • Collaboration on a technical project: Collaboration on a cutting-edge technology project

How to Apply for Google Grants for Black Business in 2022

The Google Grant for Black-Owned Businesses, a 10-week digital accelerator program for high-potential Seed to Series A tech startups premised in North America, is now accepting applications. Black Founders began in September 2022. The group will include 10-12 top North American-based startups. If you want to apply, go to and fill out and submit the grant form.


Across the United States, incredible Black startup entrepreneurs are developing successful brands while being denied access to essential financial support. The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund was created in reaction to the material and institutional stresses that Black entrepreneurs face.

This capital is used by entrepreneurs to hold their doors open, reimburse their workers, and concentrate on strengthening their companies. The finance also encompasses technical assistance from Google tools and teams, along with up to $120,000 in donated ads and up to $100,000 in Google Cloud credits.