Transitional housing can be very helpful for people who are getting back to society. What is transitional housing you may ask? Transitional housing refers to temporary supportive housing type of accommodation, which is meant to provide some sort of bridging from homelessness to permanent housing.

Grants for housing and supportive housing exist, especially if you are considering starting a group home, care agency, or residential facility. The first step to getting funding for your grant request would be to check if your care agency is a licensed facility or not.

Looking to get the needed funding to start transitional housing can be quite challenging, but knowing where to look can be helpful in getting the grants you need. Another way of getting around the complexities surrounding the application for grants is as simple as reaching out to a grant consultant, who can help you navigate the grant application process.

This grant requires that you supply information about your transitional housing plan. Don’t have a plan yet? You can reach out to our team to help you with the business plan that you need to start your application. If you have checked all the boxes required before applying for a grant, then the next phase should be getting that grant you need.