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Grants for Visual and Performing Arts You Can Apply for

Grant Overview

If you are a visual artist and looking for Grants to help start a studio or a community project, then you have come to the right place. The Artistic Product Grants is offering Grants of up to $20,000 per year to USA small nonprofit arts organizations to support general production equipment.

The Applicants for this Grant are expected to have some Art background in some formal capacity and must submit a Letter of Inquiry prior to applying for the ViaArt Grant. Funding is intended for a wide range of activities, initiatives, and programs that promote the arts across the country.

This program was founded by the VIA Wagner Foundation, and the ViaArt Grant is their Incubator Grant Fund program that is aimed at empowering Artists from around the world. The Grant covers up to two-year general operating support that may also be directed towards a specific initiative or community project as the case may be.

Grant Description

The ViaArt Grants requires that you send in proposals considered for the Fund. This should be detailed enough to explain your Artform, and how you intend to utilize the funds if granted. This would also explain your short term and long terms plans for the Grants, and how you hope to make a difference if you become a successful applicant.

include local art spaces focused on production and exhibition; artist residency programs; online or print discursive platforms; and curatorial or artists’ initiatives.

The Foundation seeks to support small visual arts organizations whose activities are rooted in programs, platforms and/or initiatives that embrace innovation, progress, and risk; who champion new, diverse and/or overlooked artistic voices; who attract and serve expanded audiences; and who cultivate new avenues of thought leadership.

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to review the information you find on Incubator Grant Fund Core Values and Assessment Criteria (above) to determine the potential compatibility of their organization’s work within the Incubator Grant Fund’s parameters and grantmaking values:

Grant Eligibility

I. Artistic Production: The Foundation is committed to championing the mission of the production of new work – from creation to exhibition, documentation, and dissemination – that reflects artistic excellence and innovation of the ViaArt platform.

II. Thoughtful Leadership: The ViaArt Foundation makes it a mission to show utmost supports to the work of both established and emerging voices in contemporary art that bring new knowledge and dynamic avenues of understanding to the field.

III. Diversity in Practice: The ViaArt Foundation is committed to creating diversity in practice, and this is largely reflected in its Grants. The purpose is to continue to foster an understanding in the workplace, the community, and within the scope of Art and artistic expressions of any kind.

Application Deadline

The ViaArt program is March 1st, 2023. The program focuses on work timely received, and as such, getting your work submitted can help put your application out there for a chance to become one of the five Awardees of this Incubator Grant from the ViaArt platform.