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Small Business Grants in Idaho

Grants for Small Businesses, Individuals, and Other Institutions In Idaho

Small Business Grants in Idaho

We all know how things have taken a downturn, occasioned by an unprecedented
erosion of people’s living standards, many institutions, too, face different degrees
of financial challenges, especially, the nonprofits. All these have necessitated the
need for financial support to help sustain households, small businesses, and
institutions alike.

Therefore, we at the have extended our
benevolence by bringing to your notice different types of grant funding
opportunities, consisting of Individual, small business, and nonprofit institutions
grants in Idaho.

In this article we will be focusing on the State of Idaho, going through different
ongoing grant opportunities that our readers can take advantage of; some have
future timelines too which give the applicant enough time to prepare and apply.

So if you’re probably looking for straightforward, seamless, and hassle-free ways
of accessing grants for individuals, small businesses, and non-profit located in
Idaho, USA, then this article is for you.

But if you are looking to apply for a
personal or business grant covering other states in the US, then check out other
articles on this site that cover many other grant opportunities across all the
states in the US.

Don’t forget to also check this list of grants for African American women and
starting their businesses in 2023.
Applying For Grant in Idaho

Here are a few succinctly curated grant funding opportunities for residents of the
state of Idaho, both ongoing and the ones for future dates. So let’s get started!

Grants to Idaho and Washington Nonprofits and Individuals

in Eligible Counties to Address Critical Needs

(Operation Round Up Grant)

Small Business Grants in Idaho

Grants of up to $2,500 would be awarded to individuals and nonprofit
organizations in Idaho and Washington to address critical needs. Funding
categories include education and youth, emergency energy assistance, the
environment, and community service. For grants focussing on individuals or
family units, are targeted at healthcare and self-sufficiency. Requests will be
accepted from applicants in Kootenai, Bonner, and Benewah Counties in Idaho,
and Spokane County in Washington.

Major Funding Categories:
Although there are many worthy charitable, educational projects, and community
needs in the local area, the limited availability of funds requires that funding
beneficiaries fall under any of these categories as listed below:
(i) Community Service
1.Projects, programs, and organizations are important components of a
community’s overall quality of life, with emphasis on public safety, health care,
and self-sufficiency.

  1. Individual or family unit with emphasis on health care and self-sufficiency.
  2. Programs and projects that enhance the cultural environment of communities
    in the local area.
    (ii) Youth and Education
  3. Scholarships provided annually as funds are available to Kootenai Electric
    members or their kids who are either seniors in high school or currently enrolled
    in college or an accredited training institution.

(2) Programs that are designed to combat critical social problems affecting
children and youth, with an emphasis on children and teens at risk.
(3) School programs and projects.
(4) Programs and projects that promote wellness and encourage youth
participation in athletics and physical fitness activities.
(iii) Environment
(1) Programs and projects that promote community recycling and natural
resource preservation.
(2) Community-based environmental quality education programs.
(iv) Emergency Energy Assistance
(1) Community Action Programs, Project Share, and other local entities that
collect and distribute money for low-income emergency energy assistance.
Generally, funding through this grant is used to address crucial needs such as
food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education.

Funding Source: Kootenai Electric Trust – Kootenai Electric Cooperative (KEC)
Deadline Date: 07/23/21
Estimated Size of Grant: Maximum $2,500

Eligibility: See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility
Additional Eligibility:
Funding will only be available to Kootenai Electric members made up of
Individuals or family units with an active electric account. Also, all individual or
family applications must be accompanied by a referral letter from a social

service agency, that includes the Department of Health and Welfare, Kootenai
Health, etc.
For organizations:
A. Only nonprofits that have been granted tax-exempt status under Internal
Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), will be eligible to receive contributions.
B. Contributions will exempt:

  1. Lobbying and political organizations
  2. Veteran, fraternal, and labor organizations
  3. National fund drives
  4. Advertising
  5. Individuals mortgage and rent payments
  6. Electric Bills

Pre-Application Information:
The next application deadline is July 23, 2023. Applications received at a later
date will be considered at the next program cycle.
Grant recipients cannot apply again within one year of receipt of Trust funds.
Contact: Office Address:2451 West Dakota Ave.
Hayden, ID 83835

Full Text: See the full text of this grant
Geographic Focus: USA: Idaho: Kootenai County, Bonner County, and Benewah
County; Washington: Spokane County

Organization Application:

Individual Application:

Grant to USA Nonprofits and Schools in the Eligible States for
Social Services, Arts Education, and Technology Training for
Teachers (
Harvest Foundation Grants)

Small Business Grants in Idaho

Grants of $10,000 to nonprofit social service organizations and schools towards
community benefit and educational programs in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon,
and Washington. A Letter of Inquiry must be submitted by the applicants prior to
applying. This grant funding is intended for social services and education

Social Services:
The Foundation is poised to lend support to the work of community social
service agencies. It has an interest, specifically, in organizations that provide
services in these two areas:
(1) Promoting economic self-sufficiency via education and training of youth or
families with children.
(2) Serving the elderly by providing services to help senior citizens live
Grants for education cover these two areas:

(1) Training teachers in technology and curriculum development: The Foundation
seeks to assist teachers in making effective use of new technologies, particularly
computers, in their schools. Grants will be made available to educational
organizations to fund technology training for teachers and technology curriculum
development. Applications from organizations serving low-income or
underserved children will receive favorable considerations. However, grants for
capital expenses are ineligible.

(2) Arts support programs: The Foundation’s goals for grants in art education
include providing support to arts organizations and instructors to help them
provide hands-on classes in the schools. The desired outcome of these classes
must be in line with state education requirements.

Applications from
organizations providing services or support to low-income or underserved
children will receive preference. Funding of both capital items and operating
program costs will be considered.

The Foundation will consider applications for general operating grants only for
organizations whose mission and operations are closely aligned with the Harvest
Foundation’s funding areas.

Funding Source: Harvest Foundation
LOI Date: 10/01/21
Deadline Date: 10/15/21
Estimated Size of Grant: The Foundation awards grants in the amount of
$10,000 each.
Contract Term: Multi-year grants are not considered
Eligibility: See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

Additional Eligibility: The Harvest Foundation awards grants to 501(c)(3)
organizations located in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana.

Also, acceptance for grants application also extends to educational institutions.
A particular organization may be considered for up to three consecutive years.
Grants shouldn’t make up more than 20% of the supported program’s annual

Pre-Application Information:
Unsolicited applications will not be considered. Applicants must in not less than
two weeks before the application deadline, submit a single-page letter of inquiry
that includes a brief description of the funding need and the total amount of the
program’s annual budget The Foundation will then forward a grant application if it
is determined that the request is within its grant guidelines.

On April 30 and November 30, decisions concerning funding will be made.
Completed applications must be postmarked by March 15 to be considered for
funding on April 30, and must be postmarked by October 15 to be considered for
funding on November 30. Letters of inquiry must be postmarked before March 1
in the spring, and October 1 in the fall. Grants for education can only be awarded
within the spring cycle. Organizations have the liberty to apply for grant funding,
for up to three consecutive years.
Contact: Mail applications to:
Harvest Foundation PO Box 75554
Seattle, WA 98175-0554
Full Text: See the full text of this grant
Geographic Focus: USA: Alaska; Idaho; Montana; Oregon; Washington

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Education,
Workforce, and Housing (KeyBank Foundation Grant)

Small Business Grants in Idaho

These are Grants to the US nonprofit organizations that seek to better the lives of
residents in states where the funding source has a business presence. Qualified
organizations may apply from Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana,
Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah,
Vermont, and Washington. In specifics, this funding is intended to support
programs in the areas of education, workforce, and neighbors, and communities.
KeyBank Foundation provides funding support to organizations and programs
that prepare individuals for thriving futures through three approaches:

  1. Education – Grants help to empower students to pursue their careers by
    enabling them to access high-quality education as well as offering support to
    help them achieve academic success. Grants assist students with:
    ● Preparation: Improvement in GPA and standardized test scores get
    students ready to succeed
    ● Access: Grants creates more opportunity for more students, more than
    before, have access to financial resources for education
    ● Attainment: Improvement in college enrollment and retention rates
    ● Completion: Improved graduation rates
  2. Neighbors – Grants are designed to create safe, cost-effective, inclusive
    communities with thriving family homes and small businesses. The main goals
    here include:
    ● Affordable Housing and Homeownership: An increase in residency length
    and a decrease in foreclosure rates
    ● Economically Independent Families: Improved economic inclusion with
    community members getting access to banking services and products
    ● Safe and Stable Communities: An increase in the values of homes as well
    as a marked increase in the number of small businesses providing
    services and products to residents
    ● Growth For Small Businesses: The launch of more small businesses would
    directly result in an increase in job creation
  3. Workforce – Grants help grownups to achieve the requisite skills, education,
    and capabilities they need to succeed both in current and future employment
    opportunities. Grants try to assist in these specific areas:
    ● Graduation: Improved graduation and certification program completion
    ● Employment: Employment placement and retention rates would naturally
    increase with financial assistance,
    ● Financial Education: An increase in the number of individuals who receive
    this type of training will simply translate into more workers who have been
    empowered with the right tools they need to succeed financially.

Funding Source: KeyBank Foundation
Deadline Date: Ongoing
Eligibility: See RFP and/or Grant Guidelines for full eligibility

Additional Eligibility:
The Foundation does not cover these areas of grants:
a. Grants outside of the states in which they have retail operations.
b. Grants to individuals.

c. Grants for memberships, lobbying or political activities, advertisements,
athletic teams, booster clubs and organizations outside the United States,
organizations that are inconsistent with U.S. equal opportunity policies, selected
organizations with Internal Revenue Code Section 509(a)(3) status.
Pre-Application Information:

KeyBank Foundation typically reviews and decides upon grant requests each
a quarter through committees of officers within the organization, so there are
basically no deadlines for grant applications.

For KeyBank Foundation requests, preliminary grant inquiries are accepted by
telephone or in writing. A draft of the grant application may also be developed
and shared with the Foundation through email prior to submitting it.
Contact: Contact email (for all branches):
To contact KeyBank about applying for a grant, locate

the Foundation branch in your region.

For organizations Within Northeast Ohio:

KeyBank Foundation

127 Public Square

Mail Code: OH-01-27-0855

Cleveland, OH 44114


For all organizations outside Northeast Ohio, see

Full Text: See the full text of this grant

Geographic Focus: USA: Alaska;   Colorado;   Connecticut;   Idaho;   Indiana;   Maine;   Massachusetts;   Michigan;   New York City;   New York;   Ohio;   Oregon;   Pennsylvania;   Utah;   Vermont;   Washington

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