May is Mental Health Awareness Month. AAG has always been committed to creating mental health awareness in the community, particularly around ways to empower our community on ways of focusing on optimal mental health. Taking our mental health seriously can help us understand the role that our mental health plays in our overall health.

Our focus this May is to help shed light on mental health concerns and provide pathways to navigate the challenge that mental health can have on our quality of life. Our ultimate goal at AAG is to help people take the right steps for their mental and emotional well-being. We are committed to ensuring that we contribute our own little quota to ensuring that the utmost focus, attention, and care is placed on our mental health.

AAG is partnering with mental health professionals and other community engagement and wellness practitioners to help provide the needed mental health support in our community. Everyone can do the little they can to support this initiative. If you are a social worker, a community engagement professional, a mental health clinician, or work in any field related to health and wellness, we would like to support you financially and in other ways through our mental health initiative.

Let us know what mental health program you are currently running or plan to run, and do reach out to us by sending us an email at

You do not have to be a mental health technician, a licensed mental health professional, or an expert in the field to do your part. Let us make this month of May, the start to greater things to come in keeping up with taking care of our mental health and beyond.