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Meet the Black Women who raised $4.25M to Increase Workplace Inclusion

 Five to Nine is a Woman- and minority-owned company that has recently secured $4.25 million to advance its mission of transforming the employee engagement workplace experience. Raising funds for startups can be quite an experience in itself.

These two women have been able to raise $4.25 million by capitalizing on the need for workplace inclusion and connectivity.

Five to Nine is a software management company that is vested with the responsibility of creating a more inclusive workspace that everyone can feel part of. The funding is currently in a seed round, and it’s led by Black Ops Ventures.

The other participating investors in the round include Slack Fund and Cleveland Avenue.

Jasmine Shells and Denise Umubyeyi have crossed a funding limit that only a few Black founders have been able to cross. This due represents a small group within the 250 Black women who’ve raised more than $1 million in venture capital.