So you finally found an idea worth pursuing, and then you decide to trademark the name? How much exactly should you be looking at when it comes to how to trademark a name? You will get all the details that you need in this article. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the place to go to when it comes to trademarking your name.

What exactly is a trademark, you may ask? According to USPTO, a trademark, at its foundation is basically any word, clause, a phrase, a symbol, some sort of design, or combination of all of these things that identifies your brand, company for the purposes of the provision of the goods and/or services you provide to the general public.

Starting a business may require that you seek the services of the USPTO to help you trademark your name, so you can build the right foundation when it comes to fortifying your business. Besides creating a grant foundation when it comes to the right structure for your business, seeking and building the necessary structure for business partnerships is essential.

One way to ensure that you have all of the required criteria met is ensuring that you apply for business grants to help fund your business growth. Learning how to go about starting your business and putting the necessary foundation in place, can save you time and money when it comes to accessing financial resources that you need to grow the business.

How Long Does a Trademark Last?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name?

How long a trademark lasts depends on how you set up your trademark. The trademark protection that you apply for may come with a number of other factors. Some of the areas that the trademark covers have to do with the location, duration, retention, and structure of the trademark that you paid for. The process involves more than just the thought process involved.

When starting and growing your business, it also reflects the level of trademark coverage that your business enjoys during the validity of the trademark. Beyond the limitations of the trademark, learning the ways that you need to maintain the trademark can also be helpful in ensuring that you keep within the parameters of your business trademark.

If you are new to the world of startups, trademarks, business development, and inventions of some sort, and not sure how best to go about getting your business name, logo, or idea trademarked? Scheduling a consultation can help you understand your options. When you know and understand all of what it takes to be able to establish a trademark successfully.

By and large, it becomes easier to navigate the challenges of the limited choices you may have when it comes to finding that unique standing in the area of trademarking. Working with trademarks can be quite challenging, especially for new trademarked business interests and ideas. This is particularly so, in cases where you choose to do this work on your own.

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name?

According to UpCounsel firm, filing a trademark as an individual or for your business name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will cost you an average of $225 and $600. This is the base amount that you should expect to spend. However, you should consider other fees from filing fees to legal and administrative fees if you choose to contract these additional services.

Now that you have an idea of how much it costs to file a trademark. It is important to understand that paying for the trademark is just one step toward getting the trademark that you desire. You may even have questions about how you’re to type trademark symbols other things you want to or wondering about what is the difference between copyright and trademark? Whatever the case may be, finding out about these things can help set you on the right path to knowing more.

To know the difference between copyright and trademark, you would have to first understand what a copyright is, what a trademark is, and what it covers. Copyright, according to is some sort of intellectual property that is fully protected, original works of an author, which happens after the author in question, puts the work in a tangible form of expression. However, a trademark, as outlined above, may involve a word, clause, a phrase, a symbol, some sort of design

How to Trademark a Name for Free?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name?

You may be starting out on a new business, and may not have all the financial resources that you need to afford filing a trademark. As such, finding alternatives to paying for a trademark may be a path you are interested in pursuing.

It is important to understand that the USPTO has stipulated fees for their trademark services, and as such paying for these services guarantees that you get the services you paid for. However, finding an alternate route to avoid making payment for a trademark, may not be in the best interest of your business.

The options that you have when it comes to fully conduct your trademark may be to find ways to source for funds to help you in the process of starting your business. There is a number of options for small business and startups just like you to get grants for your business. One way of accessing the available business grants that you are eligible for is to schedule a consultation with a grant consultant who can help guide you to finding grants for your business.

How to File a Trademark?

How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Name?

The process of filing a trademark is simple and easy to follow. The first thing you have to remember is that the process of filing a trademark is streamlined, and it can be done entirely online in most cases. Here are the steps to filing a trademark below.

Gather the Documents Needed

It is important that you collect all the necessary documents that you need to file your trademark. This will not only help you appear organized but also would contribute to how efficient and effective the process of filing the paperwork would be for your business.

Having your documents together can also help you keep track of the process of your filing. It would help you ensure that all of the documents that you need are together in one location. This is particularly helpful for when you are called to provide additional documentation for any reason whatsoever, then you are not found lacking or caught unawares.

Choose Online Filing

Since we are focusing on the online filing process, you want to ensure that you select the online option when you are ready to file your paperwork for your trademark. When you have finally received the confirmation for online filing, you want to make sure that you take advantage of the time frame provided to get your application in as soon as possible.

The process for many may differ, however, the expectations are likely to be the same. Applying online is fast and convenient. You can fill out the forms in no time at all, you get your confirmation number and access to a dashboard where you can check on the progress of your application. This is an important step as it gives you a way of monitoring your progress.

Respond to RFDs from the Administrative Office

You want to be prepared for when you are sent a request for documents or additional documents in some cases. This is very important that you are able to respond as fast as you get the notification. This will help your application move forward. Learning all of the steps that you need to successfully complete your trademark can help you stay prepared for whatever comes.

As soon as you send in the additional documents requests, make sure that you have a way of keeping track of your transactions. This can come in handy when you have to send in confirmation of documents sent. Another thing that can be helpful in ensuring that you keep track of the e-mail communication that you may have with the individuals involved on the other end.

Do I need to trademark my business name?

Well, trademarks are not compulsory to start your business. However, if you do have an interest in trademarking a business, your logo, an idea, or a concept, then filing a trademark may be necessary to protect your intellectual property.

How long a trademark is good for depends on your agreement, location, entity, and the agreement that you and the signing body agreed upon during the trademark process.

You can check if a name is trademarked by going on the USPTO website.

The current amount for trademarking a name can be found here on the USPTO website.


Now that you know and understand the concept of having a trademark. It is important to take a look at your business structure and see if trademarking your business, logo, slogan, concept or idea may be the way to go for your business. Much as the concept of trademarking your business interests sounds appealing, it is important to know that this is not for everyone.

If you find that you are indeed interested in following up on a trademark, then you should ensure you have all that is needed to get your trademark successfully implemented. Whatever the case may be, finding the ideal ways of collecting all the required documents for your trademark may just be the first and one of the most important decisions you may have to mark in the process of making your trademark a success.