Grants for single moms are constantly being sought for in our world today, and the reasons for this increase are not far-fetched at all.

No doubt, the cost of raising children in today’s economy is indeed on a consistent upward rise, and as such, single mothers deserve every break they can get.

According to the Single Mothers’ Guide, In most states, in the United States, the average cost of center-based infant care exceeds 30% of the median income for single mothers.

This situation alone paints the picture of what single moms may be going through especially without the a firm trust foundation.

There are several Grants available for single mothers, one of which is business grants for women and single moms.

5 Comprehensive Grants Single Moms are Eligible for in 2023

5 Grants for Single Moms

Applying for grants for single mothers come with a list of expectations, criteria and more for a successful application for Grants for single mothers.

One of the things you have to understand when it comes to Grant offered to single moms is eligibility.

Though, simply being a single mom may qualify you for some Grants, however, many of the agencies offering Grants may have a list of eligibility criteria they expect you to meet to qualify for their Grants.

African American Grant has compiled a helpful list of Grants for single mothers you are eligible for and can apply for right away. For those who have started a business of their own, or looking to start one, do check this list of business grants for women.

How to Apply for Grants for Single Mothers

We thought it would be helpful to also explain the process of applying for Grants for single mothers.

First thing you want to do is to check for the application process by asking yourself these five important questions:

  1. What king of Grants are these?
  2. Do I qualify for the Grants?
  3. What are the requirement for the Grants?
  4. Do I qualify?
  5. When can I apply?

The afore-mentioned list of five questions can definitely help point you in the right direction of helping you find your desired Grants.

List of Grants for Single Mothers

Here’s the 11 list of Grants you should check out as a single mom. It is our hope that these Grants will help in one way or the other in helping you secure your highly-anticipated Grants.

We have tried to simplify the process and made sure to create a sense of ease in applying for the following Grants.

1. P.E.O. International

This is one of the very well known sources for Grants for single mothers. The Philanthropic Educational Organization (P-E-O) is an agency that is solely dedicated to helping other women reach their academic and professional potential.

The Philanthropic Educational Organization has a program where it provides financial support to other women who are having a hard time starting or growing their businesses.

2. Emma Johnson Single Mother Grant

Emma Johnson had her own unique experiences with living with a single mother like her case and had to find for not just you, but everyone else. As such, Johnson did not give in to despair and define the person she is. With the experiences of the past and the hopes for a better understanding, she decided to contribute $1,000 dollars to single mother out there.

3. GirlBoss Foundation Grant

GirBoss Foundation was started by Sophia Amorus. After Sophia finished her bestselling memoir #GIRLBOSS  just a little over two years ago, Sophia Amoruso immediately began work on founding the GirlBoss Foundation which supports female entrepreneurs financially. What makes the Girlboss Foundation unique is the fact that they uniquely in full support for women entrepreneurs. The GirlBoss Foundation has given away over $130,000 since 2014.

4. Amber Grant

The Amber Grant Program awards $500 grants every month to women-owned businesses, and in addition, it chooses one annual foundation grant of $1,000-$2,000. The eligibility for the Amber Grant includes women-owned small businesses in any industry of choice. The program covers a big variety of different programs for women.

5. Harlem Capital Funds

This is yet another funding program that helps single mothers with Grant opportunities. The program helps to match single moms with opportunities to help them grow their businesses. The program also provides some highly effective tools for women to connect with one another and help bring a lasting change to their economic situation.


There you have it! The list of Grants to help single mothers out there get out of debt, but to help them create the lifestyle they want for themselves. The funding programs listed here can help in many ways. From sourcing for business ideas and establishing one to organizing a community engagement. Whatever you decide you wish to do with you Grant money is your choice too.

We hope that this program can help other single mothers out there who may not have options as to where to turn for help. We update our list regularly and we add relevant information that we know can provide some form of value for our community of readers. Most of the grants listed are currently open already, and others are starting to create better awareness to help others try out these programs.

5 Comprehensive Grants Single Moms are Eligible for in 2023