If you have applied for grants before in the past, then you sure can understand how it feels like waiting to get the much-desired grant approval notification letter. The final stage of the grant application process is getting the grant approval notification letter. The grant application process can be quite lengthy, and as such, reaching the final stages can have a euphoric feeling.

The question therefore remains, what exactly is the grant approval notification letter you may ask? After you have gone through the stages of researching, finding, and submitting a grant application, there are namely three stages that you go through.

These three stages are outlined below:

  • Grant application acceptance stage
  • Request for additional documentation
  • Grant progress and update notification
  • Final grant result notification

The aforementioned stages may not come as outlined or in that particular order. However, you are likely to go through these stages at some point during your grant application. Having a guide as to how to successfully complete a minority business grant application can be helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

What is a grant approval letter?

4 Effective Ways of Getting Awarded a Grant Approval Notification Letter

There are a number of effective ways of getting that grant approval notification letter that everyone anticipates receiving. However, we are going to be focusing on 7 of the most common ways. Thegrant approval notification letter, and in many instances, can be an e-mail, fax, or regular mail. The intention is essential to convey the goodness that your grant application has been approved.

The feeling that you get after your hard work of researching, finding, and applying for grants finally paid off. The rewards can be quite overwhelming. Getting thegrant approval notification letter for many can mean the start of a new dream, support for a community project, or even help to start a business.

Whatever your reason for applying for grants may be, the outcome is always almost the same.

The first step to ensuring that you get the highly-rewarding grant approval notification letter is to ensure that you have adequately done your homework. Applying for grants can come with its unique set of challenges, from getting grant information online to researching grants for your specific business and nonprofit needs and more.

The expectations therefore can be high. Taking your time to do the necessary groundwork can help save you time in the long-tern when the grant application process is finally done. Now that you know what to expect with the grant application approval notification.

Here are the 7 ways you can get the grant approval notification letter:

1. Do a well-grounded grant research

4 Effective Ways of Getting Awarded a Grant Approval Notification Letter

Doing your research can be quite helpful to get you on the right footing. When the right foundation has been set, things naturally fall in place for you. Therefore, doing what you can to create that environment can help you progress through the grant application process successfully.

When you have conducted detailed grant research on the grant topic or subject area you are interested in, you can not find the grants in the list you can apply for. This process also helps you to keep track of all the applications you may have submitted on other grant websites efficiently.

2. Do thorough grant agency due diligence

4 Effective Ways of Getting Awarded a Grant Approval Notification Letter

As self-explanatory as this may sound, it has way more than it appears on the surface. Doing your due diligence when it comes to the grant approval notification letter is essential. This can as well be the bedrock of your application. Doing your due diligence may involve you learning about the grant-issuing agencies involved. Beyond that, you want to know about their previous grants, their grant eligibility criteria, and grant deadlines.

When you have done all of the necessary background work of learning about the grant agencies, you can now pick out of the available grants that you check the boxes for. This can help you with keeping track of where you are in the application process, and what you need to be prepared for if more documentation is needed to support your application.

3. Provide adequate documentation

4 Effective Ways of Getting Awarded a Grant Approval Notification Letter

Another great way of getting the grant approval notification letter is by providing an exceptional list of documents to support your application. You may ask, what exactly does an exceptional list of documents contain? Well, for starters, having a business registration, a business plan and a grant proposal can be very valuable for the grant application process.

When you can provide any additional documentation before the grant-issuing agency requests for it, do not hesitate to take that chance. Preparing your documents ahead of time shows that you are prepared and that you are well aware of how the grant application process works, and you applied in full preparation.

4. Follow up on your application

4 Effective Ways of Getting Awarded a Grant Approval Notification Letter

After you have submitted your application, the right thing to do is follow up on the progress. This is very important as it helps in keeping you connected to the grant issuing agencies. When you have the information that you need as to how far your grant application is going, then you can see what else you can do to help the process progress.

If you do not know just how to go about keeping the line of communication open, do not hesitate to ask a grant consultant who can help you with the entire grant process from start to finish. Furthermore, not reaching out to follow up on your application can delay your grant application as well as others who submit theirs and never follow up.


The importance of ensuring that you are part of the grant process from start to finish can not be overemphasized. Making sure that you learn about the role that you play as the grant applicant, and the role of others in the process can help you get the grant approval notification that you need.

If you are not sure of how to start, finding help when necessary can help you get back on track. Reaching out to a grant consultation can guide you as to how you can apply for grants that rate specifically tailored to your business needs. Finding grants and getting funded has never been an easy task, but it is definitely one that is worth all of the work that goes into it.