An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification NumberAll employers in every company are required by law to have an employer registration number for tax purposes. This policy is assigned by the internal revenue sources in the US.

An Employer Registration Number which is, in other words, means Employer Identification Numbers (EDN), has a special format of two digits followed by a dash of the other seven numbers. So always make sure that the number you obtain contains this kind of format.

Where every employer is subjected to having this number, the process of obtaining it is very simple and can be done individually or through an agent. In the US, employers are allowed to run their business across multiple states where you can still own a single Employment Identification Number that covers your business and your other branches that are in other states. So it does not matter how many branches you have in different states unless you are running a different kind of business.

Every company can access more information through a special website depending on the type of company. For instance, all public companies can make access through the Securities and Exchange Commission.  On the other hand, private traders are advised to visit the know X website while the non-profit organization can be found at the Guidestar website. The following are outlined processes of obtaining Employment Identification Number as per the type of company or organization is running. You can choose any among the three types depending on where your company falls under.

Companies owned by public

How to Obtain an EIN for Your Business

In most cases, public-owned companies are run by the government where they are also subjected to pay tax by authorities through obtaining an Employment Identification Number. Through this number, they are also able to track records of tax payments and other status.

The following is a procedure on how to get Employment Identification Number through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s websites; the first step is to visit Securities and Exchange Commission website, in order to obtain the link- click on the search for company’s fillings then click the first link (company or fund name). When you are here you can search any ‘information collected by SEC several ways’ section, while here enter the name of your company into a section of ‘company name’ then click on the search button to continue the process of search.

After the search is complete click the button with ‘document’, where there will a list of several documents in the bellow. Then check at the bottom of the next page where you will find the “IRS NO.” and this is now the Employer Identification Number.

Companies that are privately owned

How to Obtain an EIN for Your Business

This category includes the cases of businesses owned by private groups or individuals. The process starts by visiting ‘ website. When you visit the website check on the ‘name’ section and type the first and second name of a person or the owner if dealing with an individual-owned company. Next is by selecting a state to check the listed states in the section. Here you will have to select ‘multiple states’ in the case where the business operates in various states across the region.

This way the option of ‘multiple states’ will provide all available jurisdictions in the database by searching. Then you will have to click on the button search where you will be able to see all the results provide. On every page of the results, there will be twenty-five results listed that are in cases where there is more than one business having the same name. Here click on the link provided for the company in the ‘name’ section. Then you will be able to view the individual records as you obtain your Employment Registration Number.

Non-profit organizations

How to Obtain an EIN for Your Business

In other words, they are known as non-governmental organizations. Good examples are the community-based organizations where their aim is not making any profit but to achieve humanity services. Although they make no profit, they are also subjected to obtain EIN to pay tax as well.

The first step here is also by going to the website through Guidestar website. After the website opened just click on the location and name section. Then enter the name of the company or the city and the state where the company operates. You will see a ‘search’ button where you will have to click Start to continue.

After this process, it will open a page that contained search results. Do not hesitate to keep scrolling down until you see a company that you want to obtain an Employment Identification Number for. When the next page opens click the ‘organization name’ column to obtain the link for the company name. Then you will see a full report concerning the organization.

To go to the next stage just click ‘forms 990 and Docs’ to obtain your Employment Identification Number (EIN) which is a final stage.