Small business owners and nonprofit organizations can now access the $20 million ChiBiz grant program. The grant program is open to both new Black-owned businesses, nonprofits, and individuals that are planning to start their own businesses. The Chi Biz grant program is easily accessible online. We have provided information that will help you understand the eligibility criteria for this grant program.

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for grant opportunities. Though many of these grants can be easily accessed online, however, navigating the complexities of grant applications can be quite challenging for many. Having access to grant opportunities can help you leverage your business and grow it to the heights you desire.

There are options if you happen to fall into the category of business owners who need help to apply for grants that they qualify for. One option to consider is to explore the funding opportunities that a grant consultant can open up to you. The grant consultant can help you through the process of finding and applying for available grants in your area of business.

How to Access More Black Business Grants

​ million Chi Biz Strong Grant Program for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

Accessing grant opportunities for any business owner, particularly those who are looking to grow their business can come in quite handy. The process may involve some amount of research and grant sourcing stages to find the ideal grants. The first thing to do is to ensure you have done your homework to know what grants your business is eligible for. If you are not sure, what grants are out there for you to apply for, you can click here to speak to a grant consultant.

One easy way of accessing grants for Black-owned businesses would be to start by looking at this ultimate list of 45 latest grants for African American business owners. The list can help you explore other grants options that you may find valuable in accessing the needed grants for your business. Having found the grant that you are interested in, the next step should be ensuring that you have all the requirements to apply.

Starting the process also helps you to keep track of what is important when it comes to applying for the grants you need. The Chi Biz grant program can help you get the necessary fund you need to get things started today. For those who already have their business, and looking to expand and grow their services, exploring additional grant opportunities should be something to consider.

Apply for the Chi Biz Grant Program Now

​ million Chi Biz Strong Grant Program for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

The Chi Biz program is now officially opened. Learning how to navigate the grant application process for many may appear quite challenging. However, knowing how to navigate the program makes all the difference. If you have ever wondered how best the grant application should be made, you have come to the right place.

Having online access to apply for grants is ideal, as you are able to track your progress with your grants. The online access you have can also create a history of your grants. Doing this can help you, particularly when it comes to sending the grant-issuing agencies supporting documents.

Some of the documents that you may need when it comes to accessing these grants include:

  • Well-crafted business plan
  • Grant proposal
  • Previous grant applications
  • Project plans

When you have all the documents you need and have checked that you are eligible for the grant, the next step is to apply for these grants right now. Grants applications are time-sensitive, and due to the limitation of the specified amount, the application is now open.