The carpet cleaning industry in the United States is a rapidly growing $4.9 billion dollars, with an estimated increase of 4.8% in 2021 alone. The carpet cleaning industry is a diverse one that provides services ranging from carpet cleaning to upholstery, air duct, construction, ventilation cleaning, residential damage restoration services, to business and households cleaning. 

The carpet cleaning niche you are considering could be on-the-spot carpet cleaning, carpet cleaner Missoula, extreme clean carpet cleaning, hoover quick and light carpet cleaner, or you choose to go the path of fulfilling the growing search terms like exploring black-owned carpet cleaning near me. Whatever the case may be, the choice is yours to decide how to go about finding the ideal cleaning niche that you want to function in.

In this article, we will work you through each step that you need to know so as to start a carpet cleaning business in 2022.