The concept of business funding is one that is not unfamiliar to the business owner. Business funding is definitely one of the foundational factors of being successful at your business. When you are starting or running your own business, you know just how important getting sufficient funding can be for your business. In the grand scheme of business funding structure, business funding jobearn cannot be entirely left out.

Businesses generally need to have some source of funding to be progressive, or at the very least, stay afloat. However, not all funding types are created equally. So finding the ideal grants that you need can help you grow your business. When you look at the different types of funding there are, finding something that works for you can help you make all the difference in the growth of your business.

In this article, we shall be exploring ways that you can get the funding that you need to either help you start that business that you have been dreaming of, or to grow and expand your present business. AAG is a grant sourcing platform that provides diverse funding opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations through the provision of grants and other funding opportunities there are.

Business Funding Department Jobearn

Business Funding Jobearn

Jobearn is not the only option for getting funding for your business. Though, having savings from your day job can help when starting, and growing your business. You can utilize the funding you get from your paycheck to put into your business. Over 50% of home-based businesses started in the U.S. use this type of funding to get their home-based business started and running. Did you know that over 69% of startups, including the unicorns that are funded for millions, started as home-based businesses?

If you still have your 9-5 employment, but still working at your business, then know you are not alone. There are countless benefits attached to having cash flow that comes from the regular employment that you can utilize for your business. However, knowing how to navigate these dynamics can help you make informed decisions that can make all the difference when it comes to building your business.

Therefore, being able to keep that day job, even if it appears to be what you may term as seven days jobs, still may be able to help you with the funding that you need while growing your business. Be cognizant of the fact that starting and growing any business requires funding, and being able to provide that funding can be what stands your business out from the millions of businesses, which amounts to about 20% that fail within their first year, and 45% that fail within the first 5 years.

How to Prepare Your Business for Funding

Business Funding Jobearn

How do you prepare your business to get the funding that you need? Well, we’ll break the process down for you. To get funding for your business regardless of what source the funding is from, you need to have the following things ready:

Business Registration

This is very important to ensure that your business is set up to get funded. Whatever business niche you may be operating in, there are available grants and other funding sources, provided you know where to find them. The provision of grant funding by third-party grant-issuing agencies requires that you meet the grant eligibility criteria for you to be able to successfully access these grants efficiently.

Therefore, ensuring that you have the right registration that is required by your business can definitely get you the access that you need to funding for your business. The way forward is to ensure that you have all the necessary foundational blocks to ensure that you can start applying for grants that you need to help start and grow your business.

Giving Back to the Community

Businesses are set up to make a profit, at least if you have a for-profit business structure. However, having a business that has a way of giving back to its immediate community is a great way to ensure that you have access to grant opportunities that other businesses and companies may not have. Grants are free funds that you can apply for, get and use as you deem fit, however, some requirements may be included to help you stand out from other applicants.

One of such factors is how you connect with your community, and how much you give back. Do you have a program that provides food for the homeless? Do you provide food or volunteer at the soup kitchen? Do you have funds for coffee or for the hungry in your community? Do you provide work skills to help those who are out of work and need help to get back into the workforce? Well, be rest assured that you have opened even more opportunities to get funded.

Applying for Available Funding Opportunities

Business Funding Jobearn

What is the use of getting all the funding opportunities there are without actually applying for any? How do you know if you qualify, and can get the funding without you applying? Therefore, apply every chance you get. In applying, it is important to understand expectations, requirements, and eligibility criteria as you do. Knowing what to look out for should be the first thing to apply for funding.

The question therefore is, how do you apply for funding op[opportunities if you do not know what and where to look for these funding opportunities? What funding options are out there? What are the best options for a new business owner like yourself who are just starting out? This is where AAG consultants can help guide you to finding the grant funding that you need. Reaching out to get the help you need can help you get started in the right direction to getting the funding that you need today.

After you apply for the funding opportunities that interest you, do not hesitate to send a message, a reminder, or something to help keep your application fresh on the minds of the funding agencies. This keeps your application active, especially if there are any requests for further documentation, clarification, or information to update your file and keep your application open for funding.


Now that you know you can get funding for your business, remember that the funding process is very tasking and challenging, but one that is very rewarding nonetheless. If you own a business, or have recently started your business, and need funding to get things going, you can reach out and schedule a consultation with the AAG grant consultants to help you get the help you need today.