The first step to getting the funding you need for your business, project, or community program is starting with the question, what is a grant?

A grant in its purest form is free funding that is made available by an individual, an organization, or an agency to an individual, a business entity, a nonprofit, or a cause for the purposes of supporting their mission.

There are different types of grants, and we shall be exploring the types of grants that you can apply for. This article will have something for you if you are a student seeking grants, a businesswoman, or a man looking for grants to start a business or grow one.

Grants are essentially free money that you can apply for, get awarded, and utilize the funds for whatever project or program you deem fit. Most grants offers do not come with specific guidelines as to how these funds should be used, however, some may come with stipulated guidelines as to how the funds should be utilized.

Whatever your reason for wanting to apply for a grant may be, we are here to help guide you as to what ideal grants you should apply for, and how to be successfully getting these grant awards.