There are actually a good number of African American scholarships and grants specifically aimed at supporting deserving African American students with their post-secondary education goals and plans.

What is noticeable with most African American scholarships and Grants these days is that not only do they provide financial support for students in terms of tuition fees, books, and other scholastic needs.

Finding Scholarships for African Americans

It also allows them to support other life-altering experiences such as moving to another city or state to enroll in a university outside of their hometowns.

The college experience becomes more meaningful and holistic to students taking advantage of these grants as they get to meet new people and get financial support on living expenses and other miscellaneous costs.

African American Grants and scholarships now mostly come in the form of financial aid packages.  Not only are the students who avail of them have the advantage in this phenomenon; universities and colleges also get a more diversified student population, making their campuses richer and more dynamic.

Best Places to Look for Scholarships

Students interested in these grants should, of course, consider that aside from ethnicity, foundations and groups providing these grants consider a number of other factors in the selection of their recipients.

Applicants should take into careful consideration the specific qualifications of these groups so that they can really focus on which grants they have a good shot on.

For example, the Minority Fellowship Program applicants or MFP focuses on giving grants to incoming and currently enrolled minority graduate students.

The Path to Finding Scholarships

A preference is given to applicants who are interested in pursuing master’s degrees in sociology, with a focus on mental health programs.  Citizens or non-citizen nationals of the United States may apply as a fellow, as well as those who have been admitted lawfully to the country for permanent residence and have an Alien Registration Card with them.