Grants to Rhode Island community-based organizations to support the State’s Black community. Funding is intended to benefit urban Black youth, low-income Black individuals, and Black students, as well as for cultural preservation and the promotion of the achievements and history of the Rhode Island Black community.

The fund provides assistance in three core areas.

  • Grants to community-based organizations that provide youth development and mentoring opportunities to urban Black youth. The programs should target educational success, avoidance of risk behaviours, empowerment to make positive decisions, higher aspirations, increased confidence, more positive interpersonal relationships, and growth and engagement that positively impacts the community.
  • Grants to Black community-based organizations that support and promote the history and achievements of Blacks in Rhode Island, preserve the culture of the Black community and strive to uplift low-income Black Rhode Islanders.
  • Scholarship assistance for Black students who are pursuing or advancing a career in healthcare. For more information, or to apply for this scholarship, please visit the Foundation’s website: