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African American Grants Review for April 2023

African American Grants provides quarterly information to update our subscribers about the progress that we are making on our grant and funding opportunities and applications. This is our way of showcasing the progress that we have made with our programs, and how Black-owned businesses are being impacted financially and otherwise.

We made a lot of progress in the first quarter. From the first launch of our grant consultations, we helped new business owners decide what path of grant funding to go for. We also followed up with other programs like our grant packages that helped our members get a 6-week program that entailed sourcing for a business name, EIN, grant proposals, and grant opportunities amongst many others.

The grant packages were indeed quite popular with many of our members, as this program involves intense training on how you can get access to a giant database of over 5,000. We have recorded a ton of great news with those who have been able to apply and get the grants that they need to start and grow their businesses.

Our Growth in April 2023

African American Grants Review for April 2023

Our growth has been quite instrumental. We made a number of changes in the way we deliver our services, particularly through the provision of consultation. We made a number of major changes that helped us expands our services to online courses, group programs, and the AAG academy amongst other micro programs that we successfully launched.

Our team announced several other long-term business development programs in April, including our majority investment in business grant programs. We also launched our starter program that enables new businesses to start their business with zero capital. As a leading provider of grant opportunities for minorities in the grant funding space, our commitment and drive to ensuring that we provide high-quality funding programs can make all the difference you need.

With the commitment and response from African American Grants (AAG), we are also hoping to expand our services to cover cybersecurity solutions, and business development programs, especially in the human services field. We are working on launching the group home starter academy, and our long-awaited AAG funding academy. We hope to be able to help new business owners to create the business of their dreams. We also plan to help them navigate through finding the ideal grants for your business.