African American grants are regularly updated on our website. We strive to bring grant opportunities to the African American business community.

As a Black-owned business owner, you can easily access the grant opportunities that you have in your area of business expertise. Our list of 45 grants for Black women is a great place to start your grant journey. Whatever business you have chosen to venture into, finding grants to support your dream can make all the difference. has compiled a list of grants and assistance programs that you can access today to help you start your own home-based business or grow an existing one.

Starting a business can be quite challenging, particularly if you have no prior experience with starting and growing a business. However, having access to grant funding can help you with access to the necessitates growing your business.

Whatever your business interest may be, you will find grants that you need to help you grow, build and expand your business. Find grants to start a restaurant or food truck business, or you could explore grants to start a residential care facility or grants for construction business, and grants to start a successful home-based business.

What is an African American Grant?

African American Grants and Assistance Programs

If you are considering starting a Black-owned business, and have come across terms like “African American grants” and wondering what exactly does this mean? Well, we’ve got the answers for you. African American grants refer to grant money that has been specifically reserved for African Americans.

Now, you may wonder, what grants do you qualify for as a minority business owner? Grants for African American businesses and those who are planning on starting their own business can be found on our website. However, starting the application for many people may be quite complex and challenging, hence our creation of the AAG grant consultation.

The AAG consultation can help guide you through what grants your business is eligible for, and how to go about applying for these grants successfully.

The process of applying and receiving the grants you need may require that you have a registered business, a grant proposal, and much more.

When you have finally found the grant that you may be interested in, then what you have to do is check to make sure that you have all that it takes for you to access business grants for African Americans.

African American Business Grants

African American Grants and Assistance Programs

African American business grants are grants you can apply for as a minority business owner. The African American grants can also be accessed online by those who are just starting their own businesses.

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that you meet the grant proposal criteria eligibility. When you have established what business that you are interested in.

These are grants that you can start your business journey with:

Digital Literacy and Workforce Development Grant (DLWDG)

The DLWDG grant is a great grant platform that you can access online. The program is designed to support and help the organization in the Arts as a relief effort to support other organizations’ agencies. This grant is one that is simple to apply for, and you can provide all the details needed and submit your application.