If you are an individual in the entertainment industry, this grant for $1,000 is available for you to apply for now. This grant program was established to help support artists of different areas to access funding to help them in their community programs. Starting the grant process may require that you fill out forms that show what you have done in the field or are planning to.

These grants can be used to also get the necessary resources that you need to help you access and grow your art essentials. This program is helpful in terms of offering flexibility to artists and expedite funding, the American Rescue Plan Grant for Individual Artists will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for each grant cycle. Grant funds are limited, so early submission is encouraged.

Grants come with a set time just about everything else. This is something this same time frame applies to this grant. Being able to apply as timely as possible can be beneficial in getting the grants that you need. The application process is streamlined and one that can be completed within a few minutes. Click the link below to submit your application.