Starting a business in this pandemic –Covid 19 ravaged global economy is a daunting task. The negative impact covid-19 has had on the global economy has influenced government decisions on resource mobilization and direction to activities that promote sustainable planned growth. Economic recovery is the focal point of all governments.

10 Ultimate Online Business Ideas

Today, we are going to be exploring the different business ideas that can help you start your own online business to help you leverage the some of the uses of the internet.

The pandemic which leads to the loss of jobs across all economic sectors has also generated jobs in some sectors. Some businesses it has been discovered can start without capital. Some of which are:

1. Online YouTube Personality

10 Ultimate Online Businesses You Can Start From Home in 2023

YouTube allows individuals to open channels for free and which they can use to promote certain vocations, services, or products.  All that is required is a computer, phone, or any other accessories which you can use to create videos and share. YouTube pays per 1,000 views. All that is required by the channel owner is to promote his/her channel(s) through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and related blogs. Some YouTubers make as much as $50,000 from their channel in a month.

Collectables Seller: Since the advent of eBay,, and others, people all over the world have been able to sell their used items which hitherto would have discarded. Selling these items costs no money to start. All that is needed is to upload such items and sell them.

Freelance Writing: Freelance writing entails writing to get paid. Areas of freelance writing include writing business plans, content writing, sales letters and many more. You can also offer your writing services to blogs for a fee. It is discovered according to online freelance agencies such as,, and others that business plans and content writers make collectively an average of $50,000  monthly.

2. Affiliate Marketing

10 Ultimate Online Businesses You Can Start From Home in 2023

Affiliate marketing is the deliberate act of marketing, promotion, and sales of a good or service for a monetary or non-monetary reward. In affiliate marketing, you sign up as an affiliate marketer on the company’s website and engage in activities that bring prospective customers to make purchases. In essence, you earn income for referring prospective customers to certain websites. In affiliate marketing, you sign up and promote your referral links on blogs, social media channels, or websites.

3. Digital Product Seller

Years ago digital products sale was non-existent, but with the advent of the internet and internet businesses, digital product sales have grown exponentially. Apparently, the selling of digital products costs no startup capital. Platforms such as make it possible and financially rewarding to sell digital items. These digital items range from invoices, Instagram pages, wedding invitation cards, and many others. I advise those looking to make money from digital product sales with no graphic design background to register with and explore the potentials inherent in it.

4. Handmade Goods Sales

Aside from digital products, Etsy is also an excellent platform for selling handmade goods. Handmade items such as well-crafted artworks, personally designed clothes-which you already had or a friend gave you to sell. All that is required is to open your store on and start selling. All that is required to make meaningful sales is to engage in aggressive social media marketing by telling your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter, and others about your goods. Encourage them to buy, before you know people will start buying and giving you good reviews; and telling others to patronize you. 

5. Running Errands

Running errands is another way of making money without start-up capital. You can run errands for people around or far from you. You input your cost and factor in your profit on the errand you want to run. Easy money! Some make as much as $100/day running errands.

6. Graphic Designing

10 Ultimate Online Businesses You Can Start From Home in 2023

The world of graphic designing is becoming more and more lucrative. You can offer your services to companies remotely as a graphic designer or sell your designs for cash. Micro, Small, and Big businesses are constantly looking for graphic designers to help with their company rebranding projects or just designing logos for a specific project. There is money in graphic designing and it requires no startup capital. Even with no background in graphic designs, you can still be an expert with the aid of several graphic design tools, App and websites to help you. Beginners can start with

7. Tutoring

The act of tutoring can be carried out online or offline. For offline, you can offer to teach certain subjects to college students or less for a fee. You can teach from dance classes to academic subjects such as economics, mathematics, etc. while for the online tutoring, with your phone, laptop, and internet connection you can tutor students of all ages, races, backgrounds, and from different parts of the world for a fee. Websites like where tutors and students are connected for the purpose of tutoring and homework doing is a reliable website to explore the world of online tutoring.

8. Voice Over Artist

A lot of advertising agencies and freelance businesses are constantly scouting for voice-over artists to do promotion jingles for their goods or services for an agreed fee.  You can offer this service via any freelance website for a fee at no real cost. All that is required is a good phone and with a microphone the better. Please note that this business doesn’t require any start-up capital.

9. Curriculum Vitae/Resume Writing

A lot of people looking for paid employment are in need of a CV/Resume remake. They need their CV/Resume done professionally so that they can increase their chances of getting that interview. With the right skill in CV/Resume writing one can start this business, all that is required is getting the right attractive template and developing a more enticing language in presenting skill set and others. Freelance websites such as  and boast of people with this skill and charging as much as $5 to $100 for a CV, all depending on the clients’ money and level of experience.

10. Dog Walker

This kind of service though not common in less developed countries but is also a good way to make money without any start-up capital.  All that is required is to upload videos and pictures of you taking dogs for a walk on your Instagram handle and Facebook page. You let your followers know that you offer this service and hola! You have a business. In no time you should have people calling you to take their dogs for a walk.

The list is endless. The aforementioned ways should encourage you to make any your main source of livelihood or addition income.


The bottom line is that you can start your own business from the comfort of your home that makes you some good revenue day in day out. We made this list as a sort of guide to help you through every step of the way. If you have been on the fence about starting your own business, then this is all the inspiration that you need to do so.

Think of what you are currently doing, or enjoy doing, and see how you can monetize it. What you had previously thought to be fun could as well be helping you pay the bills. These are unprecedented times, and being able to utilize what you presently have to your advantage is something worth pursuing.