Small business grants in 2023 search appear to be on the increase as the days go by, and for reasons, any business-minded individual, without the economic viability and expertise of a venture capitalist can fathom quite easily. Have you ever heard the saying ‘nothing goes for nothing? Well, that’s pretty much applicable when it comes to other small business concerns in 2023.

Except for small business grants.

What are grants really? Now, that’s one valid question, and a great way to start our journey into exploring grants that are specifically tailored to meet the increasingly unending financial challenges small businesses are faced with in this unprecedented time that we are living in.

Grants are essentially free money, though they come with a “hidden cost” namely:

a) Finding business grants — the process of sourcing for grants can be quite time-consuming.

b) Meeting the grant eligibility criteria — you are not eligible for grants if you do not meet the condition

c) Grant award use — you have to utilize the funds according to the directives of the grant-issuing agencies. is committed to helping you bridge the gap when it comes to finding you the ideal business grants. This is why we have put together 21 grants for businesses you can apply for in 2023.

What are small business grants?

Small business grants are funds that are provided by grant-issuing individuals and agencies to a business to encourage, grow or support a specific purpose. Generally, grants are available to small business owners from sole proprietors to business partnerships, nonprofits, and community programs. These grants can be for businesses in their startup phases, to expand the business structure, or for conducting market research and company program development.

The one thing to note about grants is the fact that many of them, although, there are some exceptions, require that you spend the grants awarded in a specifically outlined manner, with percentages of the grants going to different aspects of the business. And if you detail from the stipulated agreement, the grant in many cases can be stopped or penalties are applied as the case may be.

The different types of small business grants in 2023

Essentially, there are two major types of grants for small businesses — government and private grants.

As a business owner, accessing federal grants is as simple as going on their website, and exploring your grant options. There are other services, however, there are private agencies and do not require you to pay for their services, even though others in many cases, may charge a fee.

Corporations and other organizations provide grants to small businesses, too. The one thing to note about these private grants is that they have a less tedious application process and requirements, but can be very quiet competitive and few and far between.

Federal small business grants in 2023

Federal agencies have programs for several grants to small businesses in different areas from scientific research, to community development, to technology, and conservation and much more. Government agencies also help to fund nonprofit organizations, which is mainly what you are likely to find on their website. Though, individuals can be funded for different projects, but they are not as easily accessible.

It is important to note that the federal government does not have any program in place for funds don’t cover the cost of starting up a business, investing or planning one. However, most grants are there to support you financial in mainly areas touching research and development of your business and the community at large. is the official website for government grants. The grant services businesses and nonprofits. This website is packed with helpful information that can help you find the grants that you want. One way to begin your grant journey is to start with a search for the type of grants that you want for your business. is yet another one of our list. The purpose of this one however, is to drive innovation. Search for open competitions on the website, and do not hesitate to apply for what grants you want for your business. The program makes provision for businesses in different areas of life, to make it easy to apply and keep a track of your application.

Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)

The SBIR program is a highly competitive and innovative grant program that supports small businesses in the united states to engage and encourage them in research and development for federal agencies. The application can be completed online and all the necessary documents provided accordingly.

Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR)

The STTR program is yet another competitive grant program that helps with funding opportunities for small business research and development for federal agencies. This program is quite similar to SBIR in many ways, but different in lots of ways. This program helps in terms of creating awareness and education for business owners in technology.