Since 1974, the University of Houston-Clear Lake has been helping to make education more accessible. They provide more than 90 graduate and undergraduate programs, both online and in person, through the University of Houston System at facilities in Clear Lake, Pearland, and the Texas Medical Center.

If you need financial aid to pay for your education at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, you may apply for a variety of scholarships that are available to both new and continuing students at the institution. Some scholarships call for a particular course of study, while others are open to students enrolled in any degree program.

UHCL Internal Scholarships

  1. International Education Fee Award Scholarship

Graduate and undergraduate students who want to internationalize their academic experience at UHCL may apply for the merit-based financial aid provided through the International Education Fee Award Scholarship. The scholarship is intended to be used by students who want to study abroad, by students who are on an international exchange program, or as an emergency fund for students who are taking part in one of these programs.

Requirements (Eligibility)

Students enrolled at UHCL should be in good academic standing at the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels.

Non-immigrant international students at UHCL who intend to study abroad in their home country should take part in initiatives approved by the provost’s office and the office for international initiatives.

Steps to Apply
  • Login to E-Services and click on “Admissions”
  • Next click on “Apply for UHCL Scholarships”. Do not fill in any information at this point
  • Click “Search”
  • International Education Fee Award should pop up
  • Do NOT click on “Apply”
  • Click on “Details” to view the criteria
  • Make sure you meet the criteria of the scholarship and prepare the required document before applying
  • Next, go back and click “Apply”. The aid year you are applying for is “2023”
  • Answer the questions and download your document.

You must have your supporting documents ready before you “Apply” because after you click “Apply” and submit the scholarship application, you cannot go back to that particular scholarship. Once the application has been submitted, a confirmation will show up.

Required Documents to Apply
  • A one- to two-page personal essay outlining your reasons for being interested in this study abroad program and how it ties to your current degree program and/or career objectives
  • A letter of support from UHCL academics
  • You must present confirmation of admission from the host university if you’re taking part in an independent study abroad program.
  1. Amy Linn O’Sullivan Memorial Student Experience Scholarship

This scholarship is available to UHCL undergraduate or graduate/professional students who want to take part in an education abroad program that has been approved by the provost’s office and the office of international admissions and programs.

With special emphasis given to the Dolphin Study in the Amazon program, candidates are chosen for the grant based on merit, the strength of their applications, and the scope and setting of their programs. The prize will only be given after a one-hour presentation on the student’s involvement in an authorized education abroad program has been completed.

Requirements (Eligibility)

Students must be in good academic standing at the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels Non-immigrant international students at UHCL who intend to study abroad in their home country and who take part in initiatives approved by the provost’s office and the office for international initiatives

Selection of the Amy Linn O’Sullivan Memorial Scholarship recipient is based on merit, the strength of the application, the scope of the program, and the location of the program. Priority will be given to students taking part in the Amazon Dolphin Study.

Steps to Apply

The scholarship application cover sheet and all supporting materials must be completed and submitted by each applicant to:

University of Houston-Clear Lake

2700 Bay Area Blvd/MC 05

O’Sullivan Scholarship Application

Houston, Texas 77058.

External Scholarships

  1. Marshall Scholarships

A degree program in the UK is made possible by these scholarships for talented young Americans. Up to 40 scholars are chosen annually to pursue graduate-level studies in any subject of study at a UK institution. The 1st of October is the application deadline for this annual scholarship.

Steps to Apply

Candidates complete the application and submit it electronically to their undergraduate institution, which verifies that it is complete and determines whether or not to approve it. In the event that the Institution chooses to support the application, they will attach the letter of support and send it through the system to the proper regional committee.

If applicants are considering applying for a Marshall Scholarship, they should speak with the appropriate person at their university. On the available web form, candidates must submit their applications.

The applicant’s US educational undergraduate institution’s President, Provost, or Academic Dean must give their approval to the applications. A designated staff person from the applicant’s educational institution must submit and approve the online application. Please be aware that your graduating institution must grant authorization before being endorsed.

The endorsing institution must submit the application’s final version online by September 22, 2022, no later than 5:00 p.m. local time, and the regional center must receive the application’s three letters of reference and letter of endorsement by the same time.

  1. Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a grant program offered by the U.S. Department of State that enables students with restricted financial resources to study or intern abroad and gain knowledge and skills vital to the economy and national security.

Undergraduate students from the United States who are enrolled in a two-year or four-year college or university and are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding are eligible to apply for the Gilman Scholarship Program, which supports participation in study and internship programs abroad.

Requirements (Eligibility)

To be eligible for a Gilman Scholarship, an applicant must be:

A national or citizen of the United States

An undergraduate student enrolled in good standing at a two- or four-year approved institution of higher learning in the United States;

Receive a Federal Pell Grant at the time of application or demonstrate that they will receive a Pell Grant for the duration of their study abroad or internship program; Be in the process of applying for or being accepted into a study abroad or internship program that awards credit. Before award payments are made, program acceptance documentation is needed.

Steps to Apply

Online applications are available for the Gilman Scholarship Program. Prior to each cycle’s application deadline, the online application will be accessible for about 1.5 to 2 months. For more details, kindly go to the Deadlines & Timeline page.

Please be aware that once you start an application, you may keep track of it throughout the entire online process, including when your submitted application is approved by your advisers.